Garsot’s Celestial Celebration Painting, Mies van der Rohe Blueprint, and More at Rivich Auction

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In the latest Mid Century & Jewelry sale from Rivich Auction, over 250 quality lots will come under the hammer. This event especially features Mies van der Rohe’s blueprint for S. R. Crown Hall IIT College of Architecture and a painting of Garsot’s Celestial Celebration. The sale will take place on September 24, 2023 and will be available for bidding online through Bidsquare.

MIES VAN DER ROHE Blueprint For S.R. Crown Hall IIT College of Architecture
MIES VAN DER ROHE Blueprint For S.R. Crown Hall IIT College of Architecture

Leading this auction is Mies van der Rohe’s blueprint for the S. R. Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture (lot #123; estimate: USD 2,000 – $3,000). An architectural masterpiece and home of the College of Architecture, Crown Hall best reflects Mies van der Rohe’s design philosophy. The 1956 plan for Crown Hall combines materials and construction into a unified whole. With an open floor plan, the building does not contain columns, thus creating a “universal space.” Only freestanding oak partitions separate the various working areas in the building. Crown Hall, a historic landmark, represents the beauty of steel and glass in its artistic form. Several other works by Mies will also come to auction in this event, including 1950s drawings of a Barcelona chair design (lot #127; estimate: $600 – $1,200) and Brno chair design (lot #128; estimate: $400 – $800). 

GARSOT "Celestial Celebration" Oil on Canvas
GARSOT “Celestial Celebration” Oil on Canvas

Another notable work in the catalog is an oil on canvas painting of Garsot’s Celestial Celebration (lot #177; estimate: $200 – $300). A native of Valta, Greece, the artist (also known as Sotirios Gardiakos) focuses on optimistic Surrealism, whether he is working in paint, sculpture, or mixed media. Garsot describes his work as an expression of positive feelings, portraying the pleasantness and beauty of the subjects. Most of the works he produces are images that incorporate aspects of both Surrealism and reality. These elements combine to produce a unique expression that evokes feelings of optimism. As this award-winning artist puts it, those who enjoy his work should respond by saying, “Yes! Today is a wonderful day!”

GEORGE RODRIGUE 'Blue Dog' Book Advertising Poster
GEORGE RODRIGUE ‘Blue Dog’ Book Advertising Poster

Bidders can also consider George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog book advertising poster, which comes in a frame (lot #206; estimate: $250 – $500). In the bayous of his native Louisiana, artist George Rodrigue began his artistic career with dark and lush landscapes. His style changed abruptly, however, when he began to paint portraits of one subject, the melancholy mutt “Blue Dog.” Rodrigue’s interest in art images stems from his earliest recollections, when he realized they could convey distinct feelings and emotions and exert influence over their viewers. In 1992, Absolut Vodka made the Blue Dog image popular, when Rodrigue was honored to be a member of Absolut Vodka’s artist community. Blue Dog has been widely recognized since then, with original canvases and silkscreens depicting the animal. Absolut Vodka and Xerox Corporation both used the artist’s work for national advertising campaigns. 

ADLER Fornasetti Style Perpetual Face Vase sgd. TMS 2005
ADLER Fornasetti Style Perpetual Face Vase sgd. TMS 2005

Additional lots of interest in this sale include:  

  • Adler’s Fornasetti-style Perpetual Face vase (lot #103; estimate: $200 – $400) 
  • Victor Vasarely’s cube sculpture (lot #107; estimate: $1,000 – $2,000) 
  • A 1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL (lot #112; estimate: $10,000 – $20,000) 
  • An Imo Nessen desk lamp with emerald light shade (lot #120; estimate: $200 – $400) 
  • A Hans Wegner-style mid-century rope chair (lot #115; estimate: $200 – $300) 

With over 30 years of experience in antiques and vintage auctions, Rivich Auction has been providing unparalleled service to consignors and bidders worldwide. Based in Chicago, Rivich Auction is among the top antique appraisal companies in the Midwest for the appraisal of antiques, estate sales of personal property, and full-service auction operations. Aside from offering estate buy-out services and auctions, they are experts in staging and decorating your space in an efficient manner.The Important Estates: Mid Century & Jewelry sale will begin at 11:00 AM EDT on September 24, 2023. To view the complete catalog and to place a bid, visit Bidsquare.

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