The terms for the website Auction Daily and the terms and responsibilities for any user of this website are as follows.

Please read and review the website terms thoroughly before you start enjoying the services provided by Auction Daily. These services include:

  • Using the Website and Its Content
  • Acquiring the Content of Auction Daily
  • Registering with Auction Daily

By using these services, you acknowledge the website terms and accept them. If you do not accept the terms, please avoid using Auction Daily. We are not responsible for the terms and conditions of other third-parties who use this website for their purposes.

Please review the website terms and privacy policy before using the aforementioned Auction Daily services.

What We Do

This is an online auction content website for viewing and participating in the auction process. Please note we do not act as an online auctioneer.

When you submit a winning bid or purchase anything from Auction Daily, you automatically enter into a lawful contract with the seller.

Auction Daily or any seller on Auction Daily has the right to charge your credit card if you fail to pay your bid for the item.

We do not provide any guarantees for items sold on Auction Daily.

We do not charge anything for using Auction Daily.

The Terms of Use on Auction Daily

You shall use the website according to the terms and conditions mentioned below.

When you make a purchase from a third party on Auction Daily, you must complete payment as specified by that third party.

Your access and use of Auction Daily will be handled in the way outlined in the below terms and our privacy policy.

Important Definitions for the Terms and Conditions of Auction Daily:

  • Content: All information and data you download or access from this website
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Trademarks, copyright, design rights, patents, database rights, and other property rights
  • Licensor: Operators placing content on the website without limitation from any third party
  • Seller: Anyone who uses this website (auctioneers and dealers)
  • Service: Any news, data, catalogs, or services mentioned on the website for the user. Auction services, though, are subject to terms and conditions that the user must abide by after registering with the website.


Auction Daily’s terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement between the website operator and the user for accessing and using the website’s services.

This website’s content may be restricted in certain countries due to local laws. The user must know those laws and abide by them.

The website terms may be changed. The website operator has the right to change the terms and conditions of the website when required. The notification of any change will be sent to every user. The amended terms and conditions shall be effective as soon as they are uploaded on the website’s terms and conditions page.

The terms of this website are for the advantage of registered users and sellers.

User Terms and Conditions

The user has a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and both a non-assignable and non-sub-licensable license to use website services.

The user may also download any content for personal or non-commercial use. The license shall also consist of other materials downloaded from the website. Other conditions may apply to the use of the downloaded materials. The website operator has the sole right to revoke this license if required and remove content from the license without prior notice.

Users Agree Not To:

  • Use the website service in any way which may directly or indirectly affect the website operator’s or licensor’s interests
  • Copy, modify, reproduce, or communicate to the public or imitate any product displayed on the website or can be accessed from the service
  • Create a database in any form (electronic or manually) by regularly downloading, printing, caching, and/or storing any content or material that is available on the website or the service

The website operator has the right to make services available for its users in any form that seems reasonable.

The user has to access the internet at their own cost to make use of the services Auction Daily provides. The user is responsible for the maintenance and configuration required for accessing.

All the products and services that are available on the website (even the downloadable content) may be withdrawn at any time by the website operator without prior notice.

The website operator is responsible for regularly updating the website’s content. Content available on the website may be amended by the website operator at any time without notice.

If required, the operator may also suspend access to the website for any user or close the website altogether without any notice. The website operator may restrict access to certain parts of the website or the entire website for all registered users if needed.

The website operator has the right to make modifications, substitutions, enhancements, or improvements to any part of the service.

The commentary or any content on the website is not meant to serve as advice for the user. The website operator will not claim any liability or responsibility arising from reliance placed on any content or material by the registered user, or anyone who has knowledge of the website’s content. All the content and other data mentioned on the website may not be up to date. Therefore, the user must independently verify the information.

Items Advertised on the Website

The website operator may provide resources or catalogs from which users will be able to view all the information regarding upcoming auctions. The responsibility of the website operator is limited to only publishing the items offered in the auction by the seller.

The seller has to sell the items according to their own terms and conditions. The user is responsible for acknowledging the terms and conditions of the seller before entering into the bidding process or purchasing any item.

The items listed on Auction Daily must be purchased in the currency mentioned by the seller (auction house or dealer). However, for convenience, there shall be a currency conversion tool accessible on the website for registered users.

Auction Daily cannot verify the accuracy of the currency converter tool for calculations or price. Users may use their own converter for verification.

The website operator will not act as a third party in any kind of transaction happening between registered users and the seller for the sale of any item on the website.

The website operator will not act as an agent for any party (user or seller). Accordingly, the user shall agree not to make any claims against the website operator concerning the sale or non-sale of any item mentioned on the website.

The website operator is not responsible for inaccuracies or errors present in the information about the products available on the website.

The website operator shall not act as an expert or specialist in any subject matter regarding website services.

The website operator shall not make any kind of warranties or serve as a representative for the items.

In case the user has any query regarding any product, they may directly contact the respective seller. The user is responsible for understanding the seller’s terms regarding the payment and shipment of the product.

The website operator may facilitate proper electronic communication or other communication between the user and the seller. However, it shall not be responsible for the availability or function of any services.

The user must register and abide by Auction Daily’s terms and conditions before they bid on any auctions or are any active party in any sale made through the website.

If the user fails to purchase from the seller after bidding on any item, the user will be charged by Auction Daily or the seller through their submitted credit card information. The charged amount shall be according to the invoice submitted by the seller. The payment charged by Auction Daily shall be funded to the respective seller.

Intellectual Property Rights and Title

The registered users must not copy, download, extract, distribute, utilize, use, publish, or re-sell the content available on the website in any way without acquiring the consent of the website operator.


The website operator shall not provide any warranty regarding the usefulness of the service or the accuracy of the information mentioned on the website. There will be no warranty regarding the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the website. However, the website operator must also abide by all the website terms and conditions.

Limits of Liability and Exclusions

The website operator shall not represent, make any kind of warranties, or be held to any condition in relation to this website and its contents except the ones stated by the website terms and conditions.

The website’s content is meant for general information only. The user shall not rely on the data displayed on the website is accurate information. They shall not consider the information on the website as primary sources of information.

The user shall not rely on the service, content, or any other associated service of the website.

Except in cases of personal injury or death directly caused by the website operator’s actions, the website operator shall be excluded from and will have no liability in regards to: tort, breach of statutory duty or any other costs, claims, damages, losses, proceedings or expenses arising due to the website or its content including any losses, expenses or damages originating from, but not limited to, any error, defect, fault, inaccuracy, mistake or imperfection with the website, its services, its content or associated services (including but not limited to advice, information and software downloaded and content of this website), or because of unavailability of any section or entire website or any service, content, or associated services.

Any and all accountability of the website operator regarding economic loss, loss of profits, and indirect loss or damage is also disclaimed and excluded to the extent authorized by law.

The website operator shall accept no responsibility or liability for the user’s use of the website’s services or those under its regulation regarding any informative content on the website.

The limitations and exclusions present in these website terms and conditions are in the interest of the website operator’s affiliates.

Web-Links to Other Websites

The website operator intends to provide high-quality services to its users on the website. For the convenience of the users, the website operator may provide links for the representation, endorsement, or warranty of other websites or content on other websites.

The user shall not facilitate the linking of the website to other websites without the written permission of the website operator. The website operator has the right to cease linking to any website without any prior notice.


The user shall, to the extent authorized by law, completely indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the website operator and its affiliates from and against all and any liabilities, losses, damages, demands, and actual expenses incurred by the website operator and its affiliates in result of or originating due to any action by the user which are inconsistent with, or are in any way against the website terms and conditions including the privacy policy.


The website operator is free to terminate any agreement formed due to the website terms, licenses to use the website, and its content at any time without any information. Any termination of the agreement will not be held against the rights of the website operator and its affiliates.

Ancillary provisions

  • Severability: If any part of the provision or the entire provision of the website terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable or unlawful, the continuation of the website terms will be terminated.
  • Waiver: No delay by either party in using its respective rights will restrict or discriminate against the rights of the party. No waiver of any breach of contractual terms will be considered to be a waiver.
  • Assignment/sub-licensing: No user shall assign or sublicense any of its obligations, interests, or benefits issuing under these website terms and conditions without written permission from the website operator.
  • Governing law and administration: All the website terms shall be governed according to the State of New York. This is without discrimination to website operators and their affiliates’ rights. They are free to initiate proceedings anywhere in the world regarding the conservation of its Intellectual rights or rights in the website terms and conditions.