Editorial Standards

About Auction Daily News Articles and Previews

Every week, dozens of major auction houses around the world host events. For the average collector, it can be difficult to keep up with every sale in a category, much less each featured lot. That’s why our team uses auction previews and news articles to highlight noteworthy events, items, and artists.

Auction previews give collectors an at-a-glance view of notable lots in an upcoming sale. Our writers spotlight items that best represent the auction as a whole, including featured pieces and hidden gems. We provide important context and interesting background information on the sale and key lots. Auction Daily editors check each preview for grammar, clarity, and accuracy.

Auction Daily also reports on breaking and ongoing news stories in the auction industry. Our news articles offer a deep dive into a sale, individual lot, or industry trend. This is where collectors can discover a new category or gain a deeper appreciation for an artist before their work comes to auction. All original content on Auction Daily goes through a strict editing and fact-checking process before publication. We strive for objectivity in our coverage and are committed to the principles of ethical journalism. We take steps to ensure our process is thorough, transparent, and ethical. These steps include seeking truth, identifying sources, providing access to source material, and including appropriate updates and edits as necessary.

Selection Process & Paid Partnerships

Auction Daily’s editorial team offers writers recommended topics each week. Writers are free to choose from these topics or pitch their own ideas. Our writers actively shape Auction Daily’s coverage and lend their distinct voices to our content.

For auction previews, our team curates upcoming sales and assigns each auction to a writer based on their individual preferences. Our writers use their expertise to find the most notable lots and provide context that collectors may need before placing a bid.

Auction Daily occasionally partners with auction houses and galleries to provide coverage for their events. While buying a promotional package ensures coverage on Auction Daily, we will never try to sell collectors on a particular auction or lot. Instead, our job is to provide context and content for the event. The nature of our coverage does not change based on whether a partner has or has not paid for an article.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Auction Daily is committed to promoting equity within the art world. That starts by building a diverse team that reflects the global industry we cover. We celebrate the unique insight and contributions of our international, majority-women writing staff. At Auction Daily, each writer has the freedom to cover stories in the way they see fit. We also invite new viewpoints by collaborating with industry experts and guest writers.

Auction Daily’s coverage reflects our values, the composition of our team, and the diversity of our audience. While we work to elevate marginalized voices of all kinds, we recognize the need for continual growth and accountability. Please contact our editorial team with any questions, concerns, or feedback.


Auction Daily has a strict policy against plagiarism. At all times, we hold our writers to high standards of quality and professionalism. We provide links and appropriate credit for all quotations, statistics, and paraphrased content from other sources. Any Auction Daily writer who does not respect these standards is removed from their position.

Our editorial team checks each news article and auction preview for plagiarism before it appears on Auction Daily. To report suspected plagiarism, please contact us.


Auction Daily strives to constantly meet the standards listed above. To report an error in our coverage or send feedback, please contact editor Liz Catalano ([email protected]).