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Litchfield Auctions is Connecticut’s premier estate auction gallery, featuring Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Asian Arts, Jewelry, Antique & Modern Furniture, Silver, Carpets, Porcelain & Glass, Antiquities, Books and more. From our spacious auction rooms in the historic town of Litchfield, nestled in the beautiful hills of northwestern Connecticut, we present fresh-to-the-market property from local estates and collections in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond.

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  • Auction Preview
    Fine Art | Asian Art | Decor

    In early 19th-century America, landscape scenes became the preferred artistic theme. Blending Romanticism and Realism, a house painter named Thomas Worthington Whittredge began painting portraiture and landscapes during this time. Inspired by the scenes around him, his work often captured detailed ferns and rocks. An oil painting from Whittredge will be offered in the upcoming Fine Art | Asian Art | Décor sale, presented by Litchfield County Auctions. A floral still life painting from Theresa Bernstein is also among the standout pieces in this event, which will include nearly 700 lots. With a career that lasted over 90 years and spanned the 20th century, Bernstein’s work captured scenes of urban life, including parades, parks, and concerts. She was associated with the Urban Realist movement, also known as the Ashcan School. A 1960s ceramic piece depicting a white duck from Birger Kaipianen is also featured. Kaipianen was considered one of Finland's most acclaimed modern ceramic artists. A pair of lion tiles from the Ming dynasty round out the auction. View the full listings and register to bid online on Invaluable.

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    Spring Auction

    The velocipede is typically considered the first bicycle and was patented in 1818 by Karl Drais. It featured solid rubber tires and long spokes on the front wheel to provide a faster and more comfortable ride. The Victor high wheel velocipede was later developed by the Overman Wheel Company of Boston, Massachusetts. One of these bicycles will be featured in the upcoming Spring Auction, offered by Litchfield County Auctions. Made around 1885, it is painted red with alligatoring oxidation throughout. It is labeled under the seat and comes with a stand.  The “overdoor” was intended to connect a door to the ceiling of a room in late 19th- and early 20th –century homes. Highlighted in this auction is a French wrought iron overdoor that is arched with foliate scrolls. Other items included in the auction are oil paintings by Malva and Daniel Gelis, a George II oak and walnut kneehole desk, and a Wedgewood barrel keg. To view the entire catalog and register to bid, visit Invaluable.

  • Auction Industry
    Chinese Flambé Glazed Bottle Vase Sells Online for Unexpected $25,350

    Day 1 of the ‘Winter Antiques Sale’ at Litchfield Auctions took place on February 22nd and featured just over 600 lots of decorative arts from around the world. This included lighting fixtures, musical instruments, photography, glassware, and Asian Art. The highlights of this auction were from the Asian Art category with lot 62 leading the way. Conveniently titled ‘Two Chinese Ring Neck Vases’, this grouping conservatively estimated at $150-$300 sold for $25,350. After an intense battle of 82 bids, the winner from Bidsquare acquired the two vases for 169 times the low-end estimate. Lot 62, Two Chinese Ring Neck Vases; Sold on Bidsquare for $25,350 over a $150-$300 estimate What’s so special about lot 62? Even though the shorter vase is attractive in itself, it is a modest 20th Century copy of Chinese Guan vases from the Southern Song Dynasty. In today’s market, correct examples of Guan vases with established provenance would sell in excess of $2 million.  The buyer must have been attracted by the taller of the two vases. This particular object was a flambé glazed bottle vase that closely resembles examples from the 18th Century. It's elegantly proportioned with a bulbous body rising from a short foot. The neck contains four well-spaced raised ribs the continues upwards to a funnel neck. The attractive flambé glaze covers the whole surface with splashes of purple, sky blue and white. Lot 62, Flambé glazed bottle vase The flambé glaze was developed in the early 18th Century as an homage to the famous Jun glazes found on stoneware vessels during the Song to Early Ming Dynasties. Using copper as base element, the glaze also contains iron and other metals to create the different splashes of color.  This type of glaze was much beloved by the Yongzheng Emperor (reign 1723-1735), and was continuously used to decorate porcelain vessels throughout the rest of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).  Lot 62, Flambé glazed bottle vase, base The central section of vase’s base has been drilled, suggesting the vessel was transformed into a lamp during its lifetime. However, we can still discern the reign mark daqing Qianlong nianzhi 大清乾隆年製, which suggests that the vase was ‘made during the Qianlong reign (1736-1796)…

  • Auction Preview
    The Winter Antiques Sale – Day II

    Samuel Kirk was best known for his technique of creating shapes and designs on hammered sterling silver. A Kirk sterling repoussé tea set from the 1910s is featured on the second day of the upcoming Winter Antiques Sale, offered by Litchfield County Auctions. The sale will include a collection of 18th-century furniture, jewelry, and contemporary art. Among over 550 lots, a collection of pocket watches by Patek Philippe will be highlighted. One of these watches is a 14-karat yellow gold hunter case that dates back to around 1883. Also available in the auction is a sculpture titled Le Faneur by Charles Octave Levy, celebrated for his figurine sculptures. This piece depicts a standing figure of a young farm boy holding a pitchfork and flask. An Abstract Expressionist piece by Jimmy Ernst will be presented as well. Born in Cologne, Germany, Ernst was one of the most prominent Abstract artists in New York during the mid-20th century. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    The Winter Antiques Sale – Live Auction

    Pottery dogs were often used as funerary objects during China’s Han dynasty period. Archaeologists discovered that pottery dogs were buried alongside their owner’s tombs in Nanyang. Many people believed dogs were able to protect them from evil and help them enjoy a peaceful afterlife. The first day of the upcoming Winter Antiques Sale, presented by Litchfield County Auctions, will feature a pottery dog from the Han Dynasty. Beyond pottery pieces, the auction also includes porcelain vases, sculptures, dinnerware, and more. Notable lots in this sale include a vase by Baccarat and Erté. One of the early leaders of the Art Deco movement, Erté created the vase in collaboration with the French luxury crystal brand in 1985. The handcrafted vase was produced in a limited edition of 199 pieces. Another lot of interest is a Japanese silk tapestry. This piece was woven using a palette of browns, greens, and ochres, embroidered with three-clawed dragons among clouds. It is believed that the Japanese dragon represents power and prosperity. Explore the full listings for this sale and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    20th Century Design

    The second day of the upcoming 20th Century Design auction presented by Litchfield County Auctions will feature items from several private estates. Leading the sale is a pair of pickled oak Egyptian side chairs by Marc Du Plantier. Made in 1935, one of the chairs is upholstered in mustard velvet with brass buttons. Du Plantier was inspired by antique furniture’s simplicity and focus on luxurious and unusual materials. He designed interiors for Juan March, Henry de Rothschild, and Ali Khan, to name a few. He also designed sets for La Comédie Française. Also among the featured lots is a set of Japanese World War II naval binoculars. Built in the mid-20th century, these binoculars were positioned on towers 90 feet high on Japanese warships. These brass and steel instruments have lenses that absorb up to 980 times more light than the human eye, which helps observers view objects up to 20 miles away. Many of these binoculars were built by Nippon Kogaku, a supplier that later became Nikon. Browse the entire collection and register to bid online on Bidsquare .

  • Auction Preview
    Luxury Accessories & Modern Art

    The repeating timepiece was first developed in the late 17th century by Daniel Quare, who invented the hour and quarter striking mechanism. However, it was not until 1839 when Patek Philippe introduced their first quarter repeating watch that the style entered the mainstream. An early generation Patek Philippe quarter repeating pocket watch from 1883 is featured in the upcoming Luxury Accessories & Modern Art auction presented by Litchfield County Auctions.  Another highlight during the first day of this sale is a lithograph entitled Tete de femme au Chapeau from the late 1920s. The piece was created by Kees Van Dongen, who acquired a great reputation for his female portraits. He depicted Brigitte Bardot and Jack Johnson, among others. His female portraits are characterized by heavy makeup and exuberant accessories, which reflect his Parisian life. It is believed Van Dungen planned on printing an edition of 100 color lithographs of 6 different women; the lithograph available in this auction was part of that project. The sale also features a variety of luxury accessories and handbags, as well as a single owner collection of pocket watches. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare .

  • Auction Preview
    Day II – Fine Art & Decorative Interiors

    “Adoration of the Magi" is an important biblical scene. The religious painting also portrays some reputed members of the Florentine society. Created by Netherland’s painter, Gerard David, this historic painting is among the few pieces of David’s surviving art. Offered at the highest estimation by Litchfield Auctions, collectors can bid at  The Day II - Fine Art & Decorative Interiors auction. Samuel Kirk introduced repoussé to America. The auction will host articles made from the metalwork technique by Baltimore's premier silversmith. The Sterling silver, heavily Repoussé tea set is adorned with hand-chased floral decoration and flower bud finial. Other highlights include an Arabian Nights book set and a French Rococo style carved & gilded screen. The auction will also host fine art, impressive antique furniture, and interiors from a variety of collections and estates. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Day I – Asian Arts & Peter Tillou Collection

    It not often that one gets to witness the selections from a seasoned collector like Peter Tillou. Litchfield Auctions present a survey of antiques drawn from the sixty-year career of the legendary international dealer in their upcoming Day I - Asian Arts & Peter Tillou Collection Auction.  A portrait by America's foremost portraitists is featured in the auction. Gilbert Stuart is known to have produced portraits of the first six Presidents of America. A Portrait of Thomas Taylour, 1st Earl of Bective (1724-1795), wearing the star and sash of the order of St. Patrick is a highly valued painting. From a wide variety of Asian antiques, the 19th c. Chinese Mangpao nine dragon robe is offered. The heavily embellished silk robes were worn by the ministers during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The auction will offer also clocks, Chinese ceramics, bronzes, fine art, and more. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Important & Fine Jewelry

    The Important & Fine Jewelry auction organized by Litchfield Auctions will present a stunning display of fine jewelry accessories. Top brands like Cartier, Tiffany &Co., Rolex, Art Deco, and many others will be a part of the auction. Bold and beautiful, a 6 Carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring, is the highest valued collectible from the auction. A Cartier diamond brooch, set in Palladium and a rare18k gold salamander, containing eight green tourmalines by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Company are among the notable jewelry pieces from the auction. The auction will also host a lot of intricate and bejeweled watches. The 18k yellow gold Omega Constellation lady's wristwatch is an important collectible among watches. The automatic chronometer self-winding watch is a flagship by Omega brand which has gained popularity. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Fine Art, Furniture, Decoration

    This summer, Litchfield County Auctions is holding a fine art, furniture and decoration auction. Included in the selection of over 700 pieces, lies fine antiques as well as contemporary items, with an array of sculptures and carvings, porcelains, paintings and variety more. Contemporary artist, Ellen Adler was very fond of playing with arrangements of everyday objects that depict a variety of emotions. One of the cherished pieces, amidst the lots, is an antique water urn engraved “General Washington”, dated 1788. Other treasures in the auction include Sino-Tibetan Buddha Dhyana mudra, Porcelain Covered Temple Jars, and Porcelain Hand Painted Pitcher. View the catalog on Bidsquare