Rare Joseon-Era Moon Jar Will Be Auctioned by Christie’s NY in March

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A luxury white porcelain Korean moon jar made in the 18th century is expected to attract attention with a brilliant light at auction in March. About 20 other Korean antique works will be auctioned at Christie’s New York on March 21, 2023. The highlighted moon jar was made during the Joseon era. There are only around 20 similar moon jars from this period left around the world, and the available piece stands out. The height is 45.1cm, which is one of the largest moon jars in the private market. The bigger the moon jar, the more highly valued it is because the style takes a lot of effort to bake in a kiln. It requires a high temperature and skilled craftsmanship. The available moon jar is expected to sell for USD 1 million to $2 million (about KRW 1.3 billion to KRW 2.6 billion).

White porcelain Joseon-era moon jar. Image courtesy of CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2023.
White porcelain Joseon-era moon jar. Image courtesy of CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2023.

The moon jar is precious because it was made in a kiln operated by the state during the Joseon era. According to the strict standards of the craftsmen, any failed works did not even come out in the world. Christie’s has noted that this offered piece is “the best moon jar ever auctioned in the last decade.” The condition is very good without any signs of repair. Some of the remaining Joseon-era moon jars are on display at the British Museum, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka.

Jeong Seon's The Eight Views of Mount Geumgang. Image courtesy of CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2023.
Jeong Seon’s The Eight Views of Mount Geumgang. Image courtesy of CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2023.

The New York auction will also feature true-view landscapes master Jeong Seon’s The Eight Views of Mount Geumgang. The painting, which depicts the beautiful scenery of Mount Geumgang, is a four-panel folding screen of eight paintings (27.9 x 26.4 cm each). The estimated price is $150,000 to $200,000 (about KRW 200 million to KRW 260 million). Ko Young-hoon’s Moon 2020, which depicts a moon jar, will also come to auction with an estimate of $80,000 to $120,000 (about KRW 100 million to KRW 160 million). In addition, artist Park Soo-geun’s Three Seated Women (1962) will also be up for auction. It depicts the life of ordinary Koreans after the Korean War. 

Prior to the auction in New York, some lots were shown first at the Christie’s Korea exhibition hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Ten pieces, including the moon jar, The Eight Views of Mount Geumgang, and Three Seated Women, were on display until February 24, 2023. This Christie’s New York auction of Japanese and Korean art will be held at Christie’s Rockefeller Center on March 21, 2023. More information on this sale can be found by visiting Christie’s.

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