Premier Auction of the collection of Marion and Theodore Gore of Williamsburg Virginia and Others

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A premier auction is going to be held by Brunk Auctions with some of the most vibrant and classic artworks. The artworks that will be auctioned in a short period from now comprises of some of the artworks from the collection of Marion and Theodore Gore of Williamsburg Virginia. Moreover, there are some wonderful pieces of artworks that have been officially removed from the Williamsburg Foundation in order to put some benefits on the Acquisitions Fund. Let’s check some of the exclusive items that are to be auctioned shortly with their vital information:

Elliot Daingerfield

The outstanding oil-on-canvas painting of Elliot Daingerfield belonged to the collection of Marion and Theodore Gore. It is a picture of ‘The Happy Mother’. In the lower right, the sign is present.  The antique piece of artwork was made in North Carolina approximately during the years 1859 to 1932. The dimensions of the product are 32-1x2x40 inches. The picture comes with a wooden frame measuring 40-1/2×48 inches.

The condition of the product is not completely perfect. The varnish of the painting is yellowed. Moreover, the surface dirt is also present the frame contains certain abrasions. The starting bid of the product is $12,000. The item came to Marion and Theodore from the collection of the newspaper owner of Puerto Rico Robert Hayes Gore. It might be the fact that Robert bought the item directly from the artist.

Bishop James Madison Map of Virginia

‘The Map of Virginia’ is outstanding because it was made from the actual surveys by James Madison. The provenance of the map is Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. This map has gone through a number of editions. It is typically printed in six parts and assembled together. Colonial Williamsburg got this map directly from the printer’s descendant. This is considered to be the only copy of the map that is surviving until now. The paper conservator of the colonial actually assembled the map in such a way that it does not show the margins.

The condition of the map is very fine. However, there is some waviness present in the paper. Moreover, there is little toning in the paper of the map.  The map of Virginia has got the starting bid at $ 40,000.

Chinese Copper-Red Glazed Vase

The Chinese copper red glazed vase from the Qing Dynasty is one of the most sought after pieces and at the same time is difficult to get hold of. With a six-character seal mark in blue, this historical piece is a beauty in itself.

With a hairline crack on the base and two tiny flea nicks on the body, this item has been cleaned with utmost care and the starting bid for the product is $24,600

Fry and Jefferson map of Virginia

The Fry and Jefferson version of the ‘Map of Virginia’ is another map art that is to be auctioned in a short while from now. The dimension of the map is 31-1/2×48-1/2 inches. The condition of the item is slightly distorted. You can find slight foxing on the map. There are toning issues in the paper with the presence of the grime. Moreover, the map is fading due to its age. At the vertical center crease, there are some parts which are lost. There are some visible tears near the edges of the map. Presence of the retouch is also there in the center of the map.

The map was drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in the year 1751. The provenance of the map is Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It was acquired in the year 1981.

The starting bid of the item is $10,000.

William Mason Brown

The oil-on-canvas painting by WM Brown, ‘The Old Homestead’ will be present in the upcoming premier auction. The dimension of the painting is 22×36 inches. The gilt wood frame is present with the painting that is 29-3/4×43-3/4 inches. It is an American item that is approximately created anytime between the years of 1828 to 1898.  

The provenance of the painting is that of the Private Collection of Raleigh, North Carolina. As per the condition of the painting it is good. It is lately conserved by Colin Post Printing Conservation. The picture is cleaned and consolidated. Both mylars lined and strip lined are done. The new varnish is also present in the picture. The original frame has some abrasions however; the modern frame has minimal wear.  Another feature of the picture is that it is re-stretched and a few re-touches are done.

The starting bid of the item is $ 9000.

Viktor Schreckengost

A punch bowl created by Viktor Schreckengost will be present for bidding in a short while for the auction by Brunk Auctions. There is an interesting story regarding the bowl. In the year 1931 Eleanor Roosevelt commissioned for a ‘New-Yorkish’ bowl. The bowl consists of linear design with playful strokes. Blue and black colors are present in the bowl. The Viennese graphic design is present in the bowl while it is made in ceramics. The design of the bowl got much fame and it also got the name “Jazz Bowl series”.

The condition of the bowl is crazing and some scratches are present in the item. The clean off and nicotine cause the presence of the undertones. The starting bid for the product is $ 6000.

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