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Auction on May 17, 2019 05:30AM IST

Not often does the world get to witness an array of art as eclectic as the one auctioned by Mortan Subastas.  It’s a vibrant collection of works from most celebrated Latin American artists. Far from the rosy cheeked, congenial subjects of most paintings are the subjects of this collection. Visually, all the items are like subtle triggers to untapped emotions that captivate, awe and inspire, much like the works of Frieda Kahlo and her likes did decades ago. It’s unlike any other auction most audiences are used to.

With its roots originating from Latin Americans spread globally, belonging to different indigenous cultures, the items displayed in this Bidsquare auction are the combination of their artistic expression. Some of the works go back 16th century, before European colonization. The auction houses works by Diego Rivera, Sergio Hernández, José Clemete Orozco, Leonora Carrington, Arnaldo Coen, Joaquín Torres-García, Jorge González Camarena just to name a few. For centuries Latin American art has been a changed the way the world views the expression of human emotions.

Diego Rivera’s “Paysage de Fontenay” (1917)
Estimate: MXN$18,000,000-$21,000,000
Starting: MXN$17,500,000 USD $911,458
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Diego Rivera’s “Paysage de Fontenay” (1917)
Estimate: MXN$18,000,000-$21,000,000 Starting: MXN$17,500,000 USD $911,458
Jorge González Camarena’s “Malinalli” (1977)   Estimate: MXN$1,400,000-MXN$2,000,000 Starting: MXN$1,200,000 SUD $62,500  
Alfredo Alcalde García’s Don Quijote y Sancho México (2019) Estimate: MXN$800,000-MXN$1,000,000 Starting: MXN$750,000 USD $39,063
Mathias Goeritz’s “Otra version de la Serpiente del Eco (1970) Estimate: MXN$680,000-MXN$900,000 Starting: MXN$650,000 USD $33,854
Juan Soriano’s “Dafne IV” (1998) Estimate: MXN$200,000-MXN$300,000 Starting: MXN$190,000 USD $9,896  
Arnaldo Coen(Latin American) “Pareja en la ópera” (1962)   Estimate: MXN$60,000-MXN$100,000 Starting: MXN$50,000 USD $2,604  

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