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  • Auction Preview

    Photography and Multiple Prints Auction

    Morton Subastas will offer a selection of photography and prints from artists such as Sergio Hernández, Pablo Picasso, Juan Soriano, and many others in the upcoming auction. Hernández is a Mexican Post-war and contemporary painter. Born in 1957, he is known for painting art as he witnesses it. A signed…

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    Artist to Know: David Alfaro Siqueiros

    Morton Subastas to Present Portrait of Benito Juárez by Mexican Muralist In the midst of the Great Depression, David Alfaro Siqueiros traveled to New York for a radical anti-fascism workshop called the American Artists’ Congress. Siqueiros taught the attendees about experimental painting techniques, as well as his ideas about activism…

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  • Auction Preview

    Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Auction

    Influenced by both Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, Alfonso Michel was a leader of the Generación de la Ruptura (the Ruptured Generation) artistic movement. One of his paintings using muted, earthy colors will be available in the upcoming Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Auction, offered by Morton Subastas. This painting, titled…

    JORGE MARÍN, Ángel, 1993, Without signature, Bronze sculpture
  • Auction Preview

    Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Auction

    José Gerardo Murillo Cornado, better known by his pseudonym, Dr. Atl, was a key figure in Mexican social justice issues during the mid-20th century. Educated in philosophy and criminal law, he was known at the university where he worked as ‘the agitator.’ Through all of his political activities, Dr. Atl…

    GUILLERMO MEZA, The mine, Signed, monogrammed and dated 1963 front and back, Oil on canvas
  • Auction Preview

    Graphic Work & Photography Auction

    In 1927, Ambroise Vollard was in search of an artist who could illustrate La Fontaine’s fables, a key facet of French culture. The search led him to Russian-French artist Marc Chagall. Many criticized Vollard’s decision to ask a Russian artist with a Romantic style to portray the French culture. He…

    PEDRO FRIEDEBERG, Memento mori, Firmado, Grabado P. T. 8 / 8, 37 x 50.5 cm
  • Auction Preview

    Photography, Prints and Multiples Auction

    Artists throughout history have experimented with numerous styles and mediums; going all the way from pallet knife painting to photography. Presenting such wide variations of mediums, the auction by Morton Subastas offers prints, photography, fine art and collectibles. The collection of more than 264 works of art includes a painting…

  • Auction Preview

    Latin America Art

    Auction on May 17, 2019 05:30AM IST Not often does the world get to witness an array of art as eclectic as the one auctioned by Mortan Subastas.  It’s a vibrant collection of works from most celebrated Latin American artists. Far from the rosy cheeked, congenial subjects of most paintings…

    DIEGO RIVERA, Paysage de Fontenay
  • Auction Preview

    Latin American Art

    Not often does the world get to witness an array of art as eclectic as this. Far from the rosy cheeked, congenial subjects of most paintings are the subjects of this collection from the most celebrated Latin American artists. Visually, the works ignite emotions untapped. They captivate, awe and inspire,…

    Morton Subasta - Latin American Art Auction