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333 North Main Street, Lambertville, New Jersey 8530
Rago is a leading U.S. auction house with $33 million in annual sales. We serve thousands of sellers and buyers internationally with a singular blend of global reach and personal service. A world-class venue through which to buy and sell, we hold auctions and sell privately. We offer insurance valuations and appraisals for personal property; estate services from appraisal to auction and clean out; exhibitions and lectures in house and online. Rago is based in New Jersey, midway between Philadelphia and New York City.


    • Nov 1, 2019

      Rago’s November 8 + 9 Fine Art Auctions present nearly 650 lots of paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and works on paper by artists including Willem de Kooning, Jean Michel Atlan, Francisco Zúñiga, John Sennhauser, George William Sotter and more. Below, we take a closer look at a selection of work on offer in Post War + Contemporary Art...

    • Oct 8, 2019

      "An object is a statement. A room full of objects is a conversation." -Anonymous Rago's Remix auctions present modern designs, traditional antiques, and compelling art staged and photographed in designer room settings that showcase how people live today, unconfined by any decade or design period. Ahead of Rago's Remix: Classic + Contemporary auctio...

    • Oct 2, 2019

      Outsider art (also called self-taught art, art brut, or visionary art) is the cousin to folk art - more weird and challenging than pleasant and pretty. Outsider artists are often, though not always, other-minded. Many are socially incompatible or alienated, visionary, obsessive, religious or spiritual, and generally unconcerned with what's appropri...

    • Jul 18, 2019

      Helen Frankenthaler Prints: Seven Types of Ambiguity at Princeton University Art Museum Celebrated for her contributions to American Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting, Helen Frankenthaler was a significant voice in the realm of post-war American art. This must-see exhibit explores the role of printmaking in Frankenthaler’s oeuv...

    • Jan 31, 2010

      Jewelry That Speaks to You and Speaks For You: A Few Words from Sarah Churgin on the Elegance & Eloquence of a Beautiful Brooch Since ancient times, brooches have been symbols of political and religious power – though largely on the breasts of men. By the Middle Ages, they were in use by women as symbols of wealth, devotion, affiliation. Geor...

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