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Morton Subastas opened in 1988 as Louis C. Morton Galleries in Mexico, that same year he held his first auction. Since then, Morton Subastas has developed as the only prestigious auction house in Mexico, we have specialists in the areas of antiques, modern and contemporary art, jewelry and timepieces, antique and contemporary books and documents, wines and spirits as well as decorative arts. Based in Mexico City, we offer world-class collectors important pieces with a 360° service divided in consigning, exhibiting, bidding and shipping worldwide. 

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    Artist to Know: Jazzamoart

    Morton Subastas Offers Painting by Contemporary Mexican Jazz Artist For Javier Vázquez Estupiñán, no boundary exists between sound and visual art. The two are part of the same gesture. The Mexican artist felt especially attracted to jazz music when he was young— it was the music of smoky living rooms and pulsing nightlife. Vázquez Estupiñán eventually entered the art world with a name that honored his passion for music, love, and art: Jazzamoart. He has since dedicated his career to capturing the beauty of jazz with a paintbrush.  Morton Subastas will present one of Jazzamoart’s paintings in its upcoming Modern and Contemporary Art sale. Bidding will begin at 6:00 PM EDT on August 26th, 2021. Before placing a bid, learn more about Jazzamoart’s method and art. Javier Vázquez Estupiñán (Jazzamoart) in his studio. Image by Notimex/Gustavo Durán/GDH via El Siglo de Torreón. Jazzamoart adopted his pseudonym around the age of 20. Before that, Vázquez Estupiñán grew up in an intensely artistic household. His father was a poet who often hosted artists, writers, and cultural figures in Irapuato, Guanajuato. He encountered jazz music outside a club for the first time in the 1960s. The sound fascinated him. Jazzamoart started collecting records obsessively and played them while painting street scenes of Mexico City.  The energy and spontaneity of bebop particularly inspired Jazzamoart. In the 1940s, swing and big band arrangements still prevailed in jazz circles. The more frenetic bebop style arose to counter this easy listening. Musicians such as Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis created jazz that was improvisational and nervous. Jazzamoart tapped into the energy of bebop while painting. Traces of the 20th century’s mainstream art movements can be found in some of these works. Frantic brushstrokes recall Abstract Expressionism, while the wild features of Jazzamoart’s figure paintings reference Cubism. Jazzamoart does not associate himself with one style over another. He most often describes his figurative works as “la música pintada,” or painted music. Jazzamoart hopes that the viewer will feel the energy of jazz music while observing his works, even if the room is silent. Occasionally, though, Jazzamoart…

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    Luis C Lopez-morton Of Morton Subastas Joins Bidsquare’s Board Of Directors

    New York, NY: Bidsquare, the curated, online platform where collectors can discover and bid on rare and authentic fine art, antiques and design from leading auction houses and dealers, is honored to have another esteemed member of the auction industry join its board of directors, Luis C Lopez-Morton. Mr. Lopez-Morton brings deep industry knowledge with his 33 years of expertise and experience in the auction world. Morton Subastas opened in 1988 as Luis C. Morton Galleries in Mexico, that same year Lopez-Morton held his first auction. Since then, Morton Subastas has developed as the only prestigious auction house in Mexico, with specialists in the areas of antiques, modern and contemporary art, jewelry and timepieces, antique and contemporary books and documents, wines and spirits, as well as decorative arts. Based in Mexico City, Morton Subastas offers world-class collectors important pieces with a 360° service divided in consigning, exhibiting, bidding and shipping worldwide. With Mr. Lopez-Morton's background and international experience, he brings valuable expertise to Bidsquare. Leonora Carrington, Dándole de comer a una mesa,Sold by Morton Subastas for MXN$16,200,000 ($815,910) on Bidsquare "I'm excited to join Bidsquare's board. Morton Subastas has been using Bidsquare's platform exclusively since 2018. Through Bidsquare we have been able to reach a growing international audience, which has helped grow our online presence," said Luis C Lopez-Morton. "Bidsquare's online bidding platform, plus Bidsquare Cloud, their white label auction software which we just integrated into our own site, is the best we have used. Bidsquare is constantly innovating, providing auction houses with best-in-class technology and an online platform helping auction houses navigate the ever-changing world of online auctions. I’m excited to be joining Bidsquare’s Board." Bidsquare is the destination for individuals and collectors seeking exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces. The curated online platform is where collectors go to discover and bid on rare and authentic fine art, antiques and design from leading auction houses and dealers. In 2020 Bidsquare launched their latest product Bidsquare Cloud, a white label software that allows 3rd parties to run auctions on their own websites, syncing all bidding activity with the Bidsquare marketplace with a single clerking console. "The value of Luis C…

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    Artist to Know: Jorge Marín

    Contemporary Mexican Sculpture Featured in Upcoming Morton Subastas Sale One of the most prominent voices in contemporary Mexican sculpture is Jorge Marín, an artist who has worked to blur the divide between public and private art. Alas de México, his best-known installation located in Mexico City, gathered international attention after it became a symbol of liberty, freedom, and resistance. Marín has since spent a career exploring those themes.  Morton Subastas’ upcoming New Year’s Eve Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Work Auction, held on December 3rd, 2020, at 1:00 PM EST, will feature one of Marín’s signature sculptures. Learn more about the artist before the bidding begins. Jorge Marín with a sculpture. Image from the artist. Born the youngest of ten children, a young Marín moved from a small Michoacán town to Mexico City. He was given significant freedom to pursue an artistic career, later earning degrees in graphic design and fine art restoration. Once Marín discovered bronze, however, he cemented an interest in sculpture that would last for over 30 years.  The principal figures in Marín’s work are human bodies balanced in acrobatic positions. Many have spread wings and macabre beak masks reminiscent of plague doctors. This balance between light and dark elements can be partially attributed to Dutch fantastical painter Hieronymus Bosch, who Marín cites among his influences. Despite the moody undertones to his sculptures, the artist views them not as angels or demons but as extensions of humanity.  Marín spoke about his winged figures in a 2017 interview with Vice: “We don't like a government, we are going to change it, we don’t like corruption, let’s not accept it anymore… the wings serve to remind us of the great ability we have to fly; no fantasy is so great that we cannot see it done.” The upcoming Morton Subastas sale will feature Ángel grabado (Engraved Angel), a bronze sculpture that includes each key piece of Marín’s style. It depicts a figure curled around a polished black sphere. His wings are spread in a dramatic ‘V’ shape behind him. While the sculpture appears mysterious with its striking form and symmetry,…

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    The Spookiest Items Coming to Auction This Halloween

    Halloween may look different during a public health crisis, but many auction houses are still bringing the spirit of the season to bidders. Auction Daily surveyed the offerings to find the spookiest lots. Ghosts at Morton Subastas  October 29th, 2020 at 8:00 PM EDT Mariana Yampolsky, La novia fantasma, 1999. Image from Morton Subastas. A towering figure of 20th-century Mexican photography, Mariana Yampolsky drew inspiration from the social and class-based issues plaguing Indigenous Mexican communities. The artist, who long felt that it was “more important to be authentic than fashionable,” was known to roam the streets in search of everyday melancholy. In 1999, just three years before her own death, Yampolsky captured La novia fantasma or The Ghost Bride. A flowing bridal gown is shown hanging from a tree, complete with a masked face and draped veil. Morton Subastas will offer a gelatin silver print of Yampolsky’s composition with an estimate of USD 1,307 to $1,587.  “Blinkey” Tutti-Frutti Gum Machine at Morphy Auctions October 29th - 31st, 2020 starting at 10:00 AM EDT 1¢ “Blinkey” Tutti-Frutti gum vending machine. Image from Morphy Auctions. Collectors building a more historical collection can consider this “Blinkey” Tutti-Frutti gum machine from 1907 ($15,000 - $25,000). Still in workable condition, the face on this machine blinks after a coin is inserted. There is nothing supernatural about their operation, but these machines were designed to unnerve. Some had interchangeable clown faces and were produced while the circus genre was taking hold in the United States. In the early 20th century, the American public was already familiar with the darkness of clowns. “[T]he clown’s art is now rather terrifying and full of anxiety and apprehension… their monstrous gesticulations and frenzied mimicry reminding one of the courtyard of a lunatic asylum,” Edmond de Goncourt, a French literary critic, wrote in 1876. Clowns were understood to be outwardly-humorous characters with a darker essence underneath. “Blinkey,” however, concealed nothing but chewing gum.  Frankenstein’s Monster at Kings Auctions Inc.  October 30th, 2020 at 9:00 AM EDT Frankenstein - Teaser Hollywood poster. Image from King’s Auctions Inc. James Whale’s Frankenstein debuted in…

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    Traditional Mexican Antiques Auction

    The La Viga road in Iztacalco runs from the center to the south side of Mexico City. The concrete road was built in place of the historic Canal de la Viga, a waterway once used for food supply, recreation, and navigation. In the early 20th century, the canal was ordered closed, and the present infrastructure was built on it. An anonymous 18th-century painting of the old canal is available in the upcoming auction of traditional Mexican antiques and Asian art, offered by Morton Subastas. It comes with a carved gilt wooden frame.  A Coromandel lacquer folding screen from the late 18th century is also available. It features 12 double-view panels in lacquered and enameled wood with chinoiserie decoration. The chinoiserie style was created in Europe to interpret and imitate Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. The event offers over 200 lots. Visit Bidsquare to explore the entire catalog or to place a bid. 

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    Jewelry and Watches Auction

    In 1963, Rolex launched its first Daytona model. Named after the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, Rolex celebrated its official partnering with the racetrack the year before. More than 50 years later, the Cosmograph Daytona remains an icon of the watch industry. An Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch highlights the upcoming Jewelry and Watches Auction, presented by Morton Subastas. The watch has a steel round case and black dial with bar indexes. An Oyster Perpetual wristwatch and an Oyster Perpetual Datejust from Rolex are also available. Additional lots include timepieces from Cartier, Bvlgari, Piaget, Patek Philippe, and more. The event features over 200 pieces of jewelry. A 24-karat yellow and white gold ring is one of the featured lots. This ring has a prominent central diamond, flanked by 53 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds. A white gold choker and earrings set will also be available. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.

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    Books and Documents on the Independence of Mexico, the First Empire, and the Republic

    Morton Subastas’ upcoming auction will offer a selection of books and documents that reflects the Independence of Mexico, the First Empire, and the Republic. The lots include papers on the freedom to trade, independence papers, lithographs, and more. Leading the catalog is a document on the Act of Independence of the Empire signed by supporters of the independence cause. This lot represents one of two copies of the original text, signed on September 28th, 1821.  A letter from Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla extending an invitation to Colonel Narciso de la Canal is also available in the sale. The letter discusses Hidalgo’s hopes for the Colonel to join the Armed Movement: “I am not afraid to invite VS to join his powerful influences, participate in the glories of our homeland carrier.” Additionally, a collection of first edition lithographs by Mexican artists, including C. Castro, J. Campillo, L. Auda, and C. Rodríguez, will be available. Titled Mexico and Its Surroundings, this lot was created under the direction of Decaen. To view these lots and more, visit Bidsquare and register to bid.

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    Prints and Multiple Auction

    In 1968, the great Mexican printmaker, José Luis Cuevas, created a portfolio of 11 lithographs. The series, called Crimes by Cuevas, featured paintings describing criminality in history. An edition of that series is available in the upcoming auction of prints and multiples, offered by Morton Subastas. One lithograph from the series is titled Borgia and depicts Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia. The Borgia family came to prominence during the Italian Renaissance and was known equally for their patronage of the arts and notorious rise to political power. Each lithograph, including the title page, is signed and dated.  An etching by Rembrandt van Rijn, titled The Gold Weigher, is also featured in the event. Rembrandt’s innovative etchings made use of shadow and light to depict biblical scenes and self-portraits. The available work is signed and dated. Roy Lichtenstein’s 1966 serigraph series, As I Opened Fire, is on offer as well, along with works from other leading 20th-century artists. Browse the entire catalog and register to place a bid on Bidsquare.

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    Books and Documents Auction from a Mexicanista Library (Denegre)

    The upcoming Documents Auction from a Mexicanista Library, offered by Morton Subastas, includes a variety of books, manuscripts, and other original documents from a single library. The offered works span the categories of history, mathematics, early Mexican periodicals, and more. Of the original historical documents up for bid is Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Practicability of a Ship - Canal Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by the Way of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which was published by the Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C. in 1872. Documented is the proposed route with maps and charts, as well as meteorological and geological profiles. Other featured lots of the sale include an 1876 copy of El Reportorio, which was an encyclopedic newspaper. Also available is text by Joaquín Giménez that was published in the periodical El Tío Nonilla, which described itself as a “political, entangling, gossip and thunder” newspaper. Those interested in rare and unusual books can consider The Book of Corn: A Complete Treatise upon the Culture, Marketing, and Uses of Maise in America and Elsewhere. The edition on offer is written in English and was published in 1919. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.

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    Photography Auction

    Antonio Caballero’s journey as a photographer started when he received a Brownie Fiesta camera from his stepfather. He started his career as a photojournalist working for major Mexican media houses. However, his career took a pivotal turn in 1955 when he worked for Cine Mundial, a publication specializing in celebrity culture. During this time, Caballero started gaining recognition as a contemporary artist. This July, the upcoming Morton Subastas photography auction will highlight a piece from Caballero’s Cine Mundial days. The available lot is a collage of 12 pictures of Mexican actress Jaqueline Voltaire. The auction also presents works from Nelson Garrido, Pedro Meyer, and Enrique Metinides. One of the works by Garrido is particularly featured. From the All Saints Are Dead series, the collection depicts Saint Jasmine. Garrido’s use of vibrant colors in the inkjet print gives the subjects a life-like impression. For more information on the available items and to bid online, visit Bidsquare.

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    Books and Documents – Collection and Library Backal Auction

    The Books and Documents from the Collection and Library Backal Auction, offered by Morton Subastas, will feature works of natural science, geography, travel, executory documents, Mexican history, religion, and more. The available executory or contractual documents represent a primary document history of Mexico and are often used as a resource by scholars. Also of interest to collectors is a selection of original handwritten letters, such as one penned by José María Morelos y Pavón to Captain Gral. Ygnacio Rayón in which he discusses the formation of the Mexican nation and the end of the dominion of Spain. Pavón was a Roman Catholic priest and a leader in the Mexican War of Independence. There are also several historical books in this sale, including the first French edition of History of the Conquest of Mexico by Antonio de Solís, a dramatist and secretary of state to Philip IV of Spain. His History was first published in Spanish in 1684. It is considered a classic of Spanish prose and is based on the letters of Cortés and the works of Francisco López de Gómara and Bernal Díaz del Castillo. It was first translated into French in 1691. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare. 

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    Deportes Unidos por México (Sports United by Mexico)

    Lucha libre or "free fight" gained popularity in Mexico as a diversion from political turmoil in the early 20th century. Over time, masks became closely associated with these fights and allowed famous luchadores such as El Santo to retain anonymity for much of their careers. Coming to auction as part of the Sports United by Mexico auction, presented by Morton Subastas, is a lucha libre mask and equipment. The skeleton mask is draped with a yellow, red, and black hood. Before crossing the auction block, it was used by a luchador in the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide promotion company. Bidders will also find lots from other sports, including baseball, Formula 1 racing, and basketball. Collectors of baseball memorabilia can consider a baseball signed by the Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout. He signed the ball in Monterrey, Mexico, while playing in the 2019 MLB Mexico Series. The Angels were outscored 24 to 6 in the two-game series against their opponent, the Houston Astros. Basketball fans will find a Chicago Bulls jersey signed by players on the team during the 2018 Mexico City Games. Those interested in this or any other lot can register to bid on Bidsquare.

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    Jewelery and Watches Auction

    Carlo Crocco launched Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, in 1980 and began designing unconventional watches soon after. The company’s signature piece is made of metal and rubber, two elements brought together for the first time in watchmaking history. Featured in the upcoming Jewelry and Watches Auction, offered by Morton Subastas, is a Big Bang King Power Diver Musée watch by Hublot. The timepiece has an automatic movement accented with a titanium rounded case. Among the highlighted lots is a La Flamme watch from Patek Philippe. The company’s belief in quality craftsmanship has driven 181 years of watchmaking. Jewelry collectors can find several pieces in this auction, including a pair of stud earrings. They feature GIA-certified diamonds with SI1 clarity. This auction will present over 250 lots of Rolex, Omega Constellation, and Audemars Piguet watches, as well as collectibles. Those interested in these or any other pieces can register to bid on Bidsquare.

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    Antique Toys Auction by a Traveling Collector; DAVO Collection

    Featured in the upcoming Antique Toys event, presented by Morton Subastas, are several Steiff toys from the early 20th century. These include a toy cow and bear, both on wheels. According to Steiff collector and dealer Rebekah Kaufman, the long-lasting materials used to make these toys make them noteworthy to collectors. Steiff toys also, says Kaufman, “mirror the aesthetics and ethos of the decades in which they were produced.”  Beyond Steiff, bidders will also find a late 19th-century rocking horse. The horse is carved of wood and decorated with real horsehair. Morton Subastas notes that there are some signs of wear and missing parts on the piece. Also available is a jester toy on wheels from Paris. The jester wears a red and blue gown and holds a string of bells in their hands. Those interested in this or any other piece can register to bid on Bidsquare.  

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    Photography and Multiple Prints Auction

    Morton Subastas will offer a selection of photography and prints from artists such as Sergio Hernández, Pablo Picasso, Juan Soriano, and many others in the upcoming auction. Hernández is a Mexican Post-war and contemporary painter. Born in 1957, he is known for painting art as he witnesses it. A signed woodcut by Hernández is showcased in the sale. Titled Danza Negra, the 2011 woodcut shows black, anthropomorphic forms on a yellow background.  Unsigned lithographs by Pablo Picasso can also be found. One of the most influential artists of the early 20th century, Picasso was made famous for his painting Guernica, which was inspired by the 1937 bombing of the titular city during the Spanish Civil War. In this auction is a set of 25 Picasso prints in a range of artistic styles. Born in Mexico, Juan Soriano was a child prodigy and a pivotal painter in modern Mexican art. A signed and dated etching and aquatint by Soriano is featured as well. This piece, titled Gato, shows a cat on a tree limb with leaves. View the entire collection and register to bid at Bidsquare.