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Im September 1989 fand im Ladenburger Kaiserkeller unsere erste Spielzeugauktion statt. Die Fotos zu unserem Katalog entstanden auf einer alten Tiefkühltruhe. Unsere Vorbesichtigung fand in einem ca. 30 m² großem Ausstellungsraum statt. Die Auktionsartikel befanden sich in kleinen Beuteln, welche in Stapelkisten bis an die Decken gestapelt waren. Manche Kunden verbrachten hier einen ganzen Tag um sich alle Objekte anschauen zu können. Versteigert wurden ca. 600 Artikel, einige waren sogar auf kleinen schwarz/weiß Abbildungen abgebildet. Der Auktionssaal befand sich in einem altem Gewölbe...Read More
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    Eye-Popping Results: Steiff Petsy Teddy Bear Takes the Blue Ribbon at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s June 2024 Steiff Special Auction

    On June 29, 2024, Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany presented its annual Steiff Special Auction. This 226-lot sale took place in Giengen, Germany– the birthplace of the Margarete Steiff GmbH company. The event was held in a centuries-old building located just a stone's throw from where Richard Steiff invented the jointed Teddy bear that we still know and love today in 1903. This auction, traditionally held in conjunction with the Steiff company's annual family summer celebration, tempts collectors from all over the world with the finest antique Steiff treasures curated especially for this signature event. It also consistently delivers breathtaking results; at last year's sale, Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion sold an all-but-perfect Steiff black mohair Titanic Mourning Bear for nearly USD 250,000, setting a new world record for the most expensive antique bear sold at auction. The cover of the June 2024 Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion Steiff Special Auction. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. This year, the top lot in the sale was #34, a remarkable Steiff Petsy Teddy bear in almost new condition. This precious and important cub was made in the 1928 - 1930 time frame and measured 36 cm tall sitting. He was fully jointed, made from brown-tipped mohair, and had felt paw pads. His face came to life with a center seam, a hand-stitched nose and mouth, large rounded ears lined in wires, and unusual black and blue glass googly-style eyes. The opening bid for this bear was EUR 4,500 or USD 4,900; after many minutes of spirited bidding, he hammered at EUR 82,000 or USD 89,000. We spoke with Pia Fast Seidel of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH to learn more about this sale and this most desirable Steiff Petsy Teddy bear. Pia Fast Seidel, auctioneer and Steiff specialist, Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. Auction Daily: Tell us why you think this Steiff Petsy Teddy bear, which was lot #34 in your June 2024 Steiff Special Auction, was so interesting and special. Pia Fast Seidel: Steiff's original, pre-war Petsy bears have always been a very popular and sought-after design. One thing that makes these bears extraordinary is their…

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    Fright Night: 5 Thrilling Halloween Auction Highlights From 2023

    Calling all ghouls and guys! 2023 has been a strong year for Halloween-themed items at auction. For many enthusiasts, these century-spanning trick-or-treat treasures– often in the form of artwork, decorative or functional items, costumes, ephemera, noisemakers, or novelties– are so appealing that they are displayed year-round. Here are some recent and spook-tacular Halloween auction highlights that caught the eye of the Auction Daily team. All prices noted include the auction house's buyer's premium. Wendell Thompson Perkins' (American, 1928 - 1997) Pumpkins was estimated at $600 to $900 and sold for $5,228. Image courtesy of Burchard Galleries Inc. #1: Wendell Thompson Perkins’ Pumpkins  It's all treats and no tricks when it comes to premier Halloween auction highlights this year. At its July 16, 2023 event, Burchard Galleries Inc. of St. Petersburg, FL sold lot #1328, Wendell Thompson Perkins' (American, 1928 - 1997) Pumpkins. Estimated at USD 600 to $900, it traded hands at $5,228. This distinctly autumnal oil on canvas work measured 20 inches by 24 inches and was inspired by Thomas Hart Benton's 1934 painting Going Home. It was signed by the artist on the lower right; on the back, Perkins noted that it was painted for Kenneth Dow, St. Augustine, Florida, for Halloween, 1990.Thomas Hart Benton's (American, 1889 - 1975) Going Home features two sleepy children riding on the back of a horse-pulled cart driven by a man with a hat; this imagery is clear in this Pumpkins piece by Perkins. A native of Maine, Perkins moved to St. Augustine, FL towards the end of his life. He was best known for his maritime, landscape, and southern Black American-themed work, usually executed in an idealized, primitivist style. A candy container in the form of two anthropomorphic jack-o-lanterns posed like a wheelbarrow was estimated at $200 to $400 and sold for $5,290. Image courtesy of Davies Auction. #2: Jack-o-Lantern Candy Container  Halloween-inspired candy containers generated sweet results in 2023. At its January 23, 2023 event, Davies Auction of Brookston, IN sold lot #0018, a vintage to antique candy container in the form of two anthropomorphic jack-o-lanterns posed like a wheelbarrow.…

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    Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear Breaks Records in Special Steiff Auction

    On July 1, 2023, the auction house Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany presented its Special Steiff Auction in Giengen, Germany– the home of the Margarete Steiff GmbH factory. The Steiff Company is best known for designing and producing the fully jointed Teddy bear as we know it today starting in 1902. This signature annual sale is traditionally held during the Steiff Company's "Steiff Sommer" event, a three day long family-centric fair that includes carnival rides, a petting zoo, food and souvenir vendors, and other button-in-ear activities. This year, the auction included the second half of the Susan Kilgore Wiley collection, an outstanding collection of Steiff prewar bears, animals, novelties, and absolute rarities. The first half of this collection was sold in January 2023 and realized over USD 475,000. Lot #82, a 50cm Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear from 1912, which realized over $250,000 at auction on July 1, 2023. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. The highlight of the most recent midsummer sale was lot #82, an extraordinarily rare, fully jointed black mohair Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear. This bear was the pride and joy of Mrs. Wiley's collection and was accompanied by photos and ephemera related to it. She bought the bear at Sotheby’s in London in 1990 for over $40,000; that purchase made international collecting headlines at the time. Since 2000, original antique Steiff Titanic Mourning Bears have rarely come up for auction. When they do, they usually trade hands in the $20,000 to $40,000 range. Mrs. Wiley's Titanic Mourning Bear had a starting bid of EUR 4,500, but there was talk in the Steiff collecting community that the bear could easily realize six figures, since it was so outstanding.  There was great anticipation in the gallery as lot #82 came up for sale. The auction house noted that this bear had five international bidders competing for the bear on telephone lines. However, the winning bidder was live in the audience! This is somewhat unusual in the auction world with sales of this magnitude. Auctioneer Pia Fast Seidel was at the podium and skillfully managed the blizzard of bids…

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    Casting a Spotlight on Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s July Special Steiff Auction

    Things are heating up in the vintage to antique Steiff button-in-ear collecting world this summer. On July 1, 2023, Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion of Ladenburg, Germany is presenting its annual, signature Special Steiff Auction in Giengen, Germany– the town where the Margarete Steiff GmbH toy making factory is located! Over 270 fine, mid-century-onward Steiff bears, dolls, and animals are on offer, including almost 100 examples from the outstanding Susan Kilgore Wiley Collection. In January, Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion sold the first half of this world-class collection; the temptations of offer realized just shy of half a million dollars. Here are some once-in-a-lifetime highlights from this upcoming, can't-miss summer event. Lot #82: A 50cm, center seamed black mohair Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear from 1912. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. This July Special Steiff Auction features several extraordinarily rare and museum-quality early-20th-century Steiff bears. The top lop lot in this sale is #82, a 50cm black mohair Titanic Mourning Bear. He is in practically as new condition, with a very rare center seam facial construction, a remarkable presentation, and full provenance. Steiff made a small series of black mohair bears with black shoe button eyes backed in red felt in 1912 to commemorate the Titanic disaster. They top the wish lists of practically every Steiff collector on the planet and very seldom come to public auction. This author has seen two or three trade hands in the circa USD 35,000 range in the last decade or so. However, given his rarity, outstanding condition, and center seam construction, there is talk in the collector's community that this bear may realize close to six figures. Lot #200: A 43cm Steiff chimpanzee fireman doll from the mid-19-teens. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion traditionally saves its most unusual and jaw-dropping offerings for this highly anticipated summer event, and this year is no different. Of special note is a number of breathtaking and uncatalogued character dolls and animals. All eyes are certain to be on lot #200, a 43cm standing chimpanzee doll dressed from head to toe as a fireman. He has an opening bid of EUR 1,200. His…

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    Tales Behind the Gavel: The Susan Kilgore Wiley Collection Part 1 Auction at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH

    The Susan Kilgore Wiley Collection Part 1 auction will take place on January 21, 2023 and will be sold by Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany. This breathtaking estate collection of vintage to antique Teddy bears, animals, and dolls made by leading manufacturers Steiff, Schuco, and Bing was lovingly curated over three decades. It includes many museum-quality rarities and one-of-a-kind items. Part 2 of this sale will also be managed by Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion in July of 2023. Auction Daily had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Wiley's son and daughter about her legacy, collecting priorities, and meticulous record keeping, and their family's upcoming sales. Mrs. Susan Kilgore Wiley visiting the Steiff Museum in Giengen, Germany in the late 1980s/ early 1990s. Image of Mrs. Wiley from the Wiley family archives. Auction Daily: The first half of your Mother's collection of vintage to antique toys will be sold later this month at auction. Please give our readers a brief overview of the collection. Wiley Family: Mom's collection grew to include 2,000+ Steiff items dating from the turn of last century through around 2020. She also had great interest in antique Schuco and Bing toys– especially unusually colored, wind up, or clockwork pieces. Bears, rabbits, and novelty items from the 1920s were her favorite categories. She displayed all of these fantastic toys in playful ways throughout her Raleigh, NC home. She would put more common, contemporary items next to extreme rarities if she felt they had presentation "chemistry." What was really important to her were their personalities and the joy they brought her and others who visited her home or shared her passion. Mom also had a great eye and had many Steiff one-of-a-kind or absolute rarities in her collection. These included novelty bears on wheels; a fully jointed, tail moves head Circus bear; an uncatalogued, orange tipped rabbit rattle; animated pull toys; and Teddy bears in rare colors. The sale on January 21, 2023 includes many of these treasures. The second half of her collection will be sold this summer in Giengen, Germany as part of the Margarete Steiff GmbH annual…

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    Auction Review: Astonishing Prices for Vintage Steiff Items at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion

    At Auction Daily, we have been watching Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion's June 25th, 2022 Special Steiff Auction for several weeks– and the sale did not disappoint, hammering at EUR 268,000 (USD 279,367). This signature event, held annually in Giengen, Germany, presents the finest button-in-ear rarities of the year, as well as breathtaking results for vintage Steiff items. Here are a few highlights from the 122-lot sale and why they might have caught the eye of bidders worldwide. Lot #6104, a c. 1904-1905 white mohair rod jointed bear, hammered at €43,000 / $44,823. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. Steiff is best known for its Teddy bear production, and the company's premier, early turn-of-last-century cubs traditionally generate top dollar at auction. Lot #6104, a circa 1904 to 1905 white mohair rod jointed bear, had an opening bid of €2,500 / $2,606 and hammered at €43,000 / $44,823. This remarkable rarity, in practically like-new condition, was the ultimate package in terms of age, condition, earliest elephant style button ID, and classic presentation.  Lot #6107, a circa 1928 to 1930 brown tipped mohair Petsy the Baby Bear, had an opening bid of €6,500 / $6,775 and hammered at €42,000 / $43,781. His impressive size, fabulous coloring, big blue eyes, and irresistible personality clearly called to multiple collectors. And lot #6118, a circa 1926 deep chocolate brown mohair bear with lovely and distinctive IDs, had an opening bid of €850 / $866 and hammered at €22,000 / $22,933. Perhaps the greatest "price mystery" of the sale– this sweet treat obviously resonated with two passionate bidders who were almost equally determined to bring him home. Lot #6019, a collection of six small, velvet early 20th-century animals, hammered at €4,900 / $5,107. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. Extraordinary farm and wild animals were also well represented in this auction's winner's circle. Lot #6019, a collection of six tiny, turn-of-last-century velvet critters, had an opening bid of €1,200 / $1,250 and hammered at €4,900 / $5,107. The set included an elephant, cat, pig, rabbit, and two dogs, each with their original and early ID. Each pet measured from…

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    Around the Auction World: June 2022

    The art world is slowly shifting into its summer season, complete with mid-year special sales and hints of what will come over the next few months. This June, Auction Daily spoke with several industry experts about their specialties, including Teddy bears and Native American art. We also explored contemporary LGBTQ+ artists to know this Pride Month and previewed the key lots of the 2022 Coeur d’Alene Art Auction.  Here are the top headlines from around the auction world this June. An exceptional Louisa Keyser / Dat-so-la-lee degikup basket, Washoe. Image courtesy of Bonhams. Auction Highlights Auction highlights this month included a major Disneyana sale at Akiba Antiques. Held on June 21, 2022, the sale included one of the world’s largest Disneyana collections of figurines. Together, the lots traced the history and evolution of Disney’s most beloved characters. We examined the key differences between the figurines, including Giuseppe Armani’s subtle realism, Goebel’s classic vibrancy, and Swarovski’s collectible modernism.  Elsewhere in the auction world, New Haven Auctions presented a sweeping sale of American folk art. Top lots included two still life paintings by Severin Roesen and a countryside painting by Bill Sawyer.  Bonhams recently offered a curated sale of historical and antique Native American art. We spoke with the Director of Bonhams’ Native American Art Department in Los Angeles, Ingmars Lindbergs, to learn more about the lots. He pointed out the exceptional handiwork of Louisa Keyser, also known as Dat-so-la-lee, and the greater attention that Native American art is starting to receive from the art world at large. Henry Farny, A Sioux Camp, 1901. Image courtesy of the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction. Key Artists We explored the work of several key artists both past and present this June. The 2022 Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, slated for July 23, 2022, will present masterworks by American Western artists such as William Herbert Dunton, Gerard Curtis Delano, and Henry Farny. These painters took inspiration from the rugged North American landscape, as well as the lifestyles of Native Americans who lived on the land. June also marked Pride Month, a time to celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals, history,…

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    Live From Giengen, Germany With Pia Fast Seidel: Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s Special Steiff Auction

    After a multi-year break due to COVID-19, the annual Steiff Sommer Festival— a family-centric celebration of all things Steiff— is being held once again on the Margarete Steiff GmbH factory campus in Giengen, Germany. One of the highlights of this three day event, to be held on June 24 through June 26, 2022, is a world-class auction hosted by Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany. This June 25 sale presents about 120 lots of breathtaking button-in-ear treasures. Auction Daily spoke with Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion's Pia Fast Seidel to learn more about this can't-miss event. Pia Fast Seidel, auctioneer for Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. Image courtesy of Pia Fast Seidel / Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. Auction Daily: Tell us about Steiff's summer event and your history of hosting auctions there. Pia Fast Seidel: The first Steiff Sommer event was held in 1997. Although we've been selling toys since 1989, our first auction at this festival was in 2007. It is such an honor to participate in this important collector's gathering held right on the Steiff factory campus. We work all year to collect only the finest Steiff rarities for this sale. Our company is very proud of our reputation in the toy world as a premier auction house for vintage Steiff items, so actually selling Steiff items in the town in which they were "born" is a great fit for us. There is a wonderful sense of time and nostalgia in bringing many of these antiques back to the place where they were originally manufactured— sometimes a century or more before. The Sommer Festival has always attracted a great number of visitors from all over the world. It offers the perfect location for dealers and collectors to meet and do business. The Steiff company presents tours, archive displays, and events that bring the history of the factory, Teddy bears, and even founder Margarete Steiff to life. And everyone always enjoys viewing the latest exhibits at the Steiff Museum, listening to live music, and sampling the delicious and authentic Swabian food available throughout the event. This pair of Dicky bears hammered for nearly $27,000 in 2016.…

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    Rarities and Novelties Rise to the Top at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s April 2, 2022 Premier Steiff Sale

    It's always thrilling to watch an auction full of magical temptations. Such was the case at the April 2nd, 2022 premier Steiff sale hosted by Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany. Steiff's Teddy bears, dolls, animals, and novelties have been collector's favorites since the turn of the last century. Today, bidders continue to compete ferociously for the finest and rarest button-in-ear branded items appearing at auction. Here are five lots that wowed, surprised, and awed enthusiasts from this recent sales event. Lot #5103, dark blonde mohair Teddy bear from Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s premier Steiff sale. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. This first auction highlight certainly gave the crowd the warm fuzzies! This was lot #5103, an 18-inch tall, fully jointed Teddy bear made from dark blonde mohair. "Born" in the early 20th century, this lovely lady featured Steiff's traditional and period black shoe button eyes, hand-embroidered features, center seam construction, and a blank button as her Steiff ID. She carried a presale estimate of around USD 1,800 to $3,600; she traded hands at $22,000. What made this bear such a winner? Steiff's center seam bears— a construction detail appearing on only one out of seven Steiff turn of last century cubs— always catch the eyes, and pocketbooks, of collectors, given their rarity. Her blank button status also significantly added to her appeal and collectability. And then there's always that "X" factor. In this case, her big but not too big size, production era, and classic presentation probably had a lot to do with her success. She "called" to a collector, and they just had to have her! Lot #5099, a fully jointed Golliwog doll from Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s premier Steiff sale. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. Steiff dolls from the first quarter of the 20th century are of great interest to Steiff, doll, and militaria collectors. So it isn't a surprise that two of these category bridging examples made headlines in this premier event. The first was lot #5099, a 16-inch tall, fully jointed Golliwog doll based on author Florence Kate Upton's fictional book characters introduced in the late 1800s.…

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    It’s a Bear Affair at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s April Steiff Special Sale

    Steiff brand dolls, bears, and toys continue to hold the interest, fascination, and wallets of collectors worldwide. Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany has a long tradition of offering premier button-in-ear selections in its auctions, so it is no surprise that the upcoming April 2, 2022 sales event presents amazing pre-war temptations gathered from across Europe and North America. Here are five fine Teddy bears certain to call to arctophiles worldwide— and what makes them so extraordinary from collector and historical perspectives. Steiff “Teddy Rose” bear. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. This first selection is as welcoming as a fresh bouquet of spring flowers. Here we have a bright yellow example of Steiff's legacy "Teddy Rose" bear. It is lot #5142 and has a pre-auction estimate of USD 7,500 to $15,000. This very appealing Ted is 17 inches tall, is made from long, fluffy mohair, and has a distinct appearance and personality. Teddy Rose was produced in soft pink or yellow mohair and was designed in part to be the ultimate “arm candy” accessory for stylish women. Steiff manufactured the Teddy Rose in five sizes, ranging from 23 centimeters to 36 centimeters, measured sitting, from 1925 through 1930. According to Steiff company records, only 5,271 yellow and 4,794 pink versions of Teddy Rose were manufactured. As such, these 1920s Teds are seldom seen on the secondary market, drive collectors wild, and have realized over $20,000 at auction in the past. Steiff Teddy bear from the mid-1930s. Image courtesy of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. The second not-so-hidden gem in this sale is lot #5140, a 40-inch tall Steiff Teddy bear from the mid-1930s. It is estimated at $3,700 to $7,400. This big guy— perhaps originally manufactured as a store or window display given his scale— is made from an unusual fabric in an unusual size. He might be one-of-a-kind or one of just a handful produced. He is not noted in Steiff's standard catalogs or reference materials. Steiff bears traditionally are made from mohair, a high-end material that gives them a soft look and incredible durability. But this example has wartime-era…

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    Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH’s November 6, 2021 Auction is the Company’s Largest Exclusively Steiff Sale of all Time, Realizing Over $670,000 with 100% Sell-Through

    This breathtaking event featured an important collection of prewar Teddy bears, archive and one-of-a-kind rarities, cloth dolls, pristine midcentury exemplars, and other premier button-in-ear Steiff treasures. Ladenburg, Germany, November 16, 2021 - Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion's 367 lot mid-autumn signature Steiff Special Auction sale attracted buyers from every continent and generated heart stopping results from start to finish. Prices noted include the company's buyer's premium, and are converted from Euro to US Dollars.  Bonzo Dog Outstanding, early turn of last century Teddy bears took many of the top lot slots in this exciting sale. * Lot #3960, a large and remarkably appealing brass center seamed mohair cub, was estimated at $1,368 - $2,736 and sold for $36,341.60. This handsome, turn of last century example was fully jointed and measured about 20" standing. His period features included black shoe button eyes and a prominent back hump. He retained its long trailing "F" ear button as his Steiff ID. * Lot #3998, an unusual white mohair bear from c. 1905, was estimated at $855 - $1,710 and made $23,761.82. This 16" tall showstopper was softly stuffed and retained his early, prized blank button. He was detailed with black shoe button eyes, a brown embroidered nose and mouth, and a very fuzzy muzzle; bears from this era usually have shaved muzzles. * Lot #3995, an extraordinarily rare 16" tall white mohair Dicky bear with all IDs, was estimated at $4,788  - $9,576 and traded hands at $20,966.31. This marvelous example from c. 1930 had stenciled velvet paw pads and pink airbrushed facial highlights. The only other white Dicky bear with a chest tag our Steiff experts know of resides in the Steiff archives in Giengen, Germany. * Lot #4194, an adorable Petsy bear from the late 1920s, was estimated at $969 - $1,938 and realized $14,676.42. Always popular with collectors, this charming 16" tall cub retained his Steiff ID button and featured long tipped mohair, blue and black glass pupil eyes, large rounded ears placed low on his head, and a prominent center seam face. One-of-a-kind archival treasures and absolute rarities also caught the attention…

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    It’s a Collector’s Dream Come True at Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s November Steiff Special

    In the mood for some spectacular vintage Steiff temptations? Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH will be offering some of the most desirable button-in-ear brand bears, animals, and novelties as part of its November 6th, 2021 sale. Many of these items are from the coveted prewar period. They include one-off rarities, treasures from the archives, and antique treats in practically like-new condition. As a Steiff enthusiast and educator for over four decades, I've never seen a more incredible grouping. Although it’s impossible to choose favorites, here are five picks from this sale that will unquestionably catch the attention of antique doll, toy, and Steiff enthusiasts. They certainly caught mine! Lot #3968, Steiff Bonzo. Image from Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. The first is lot #3968, an astonishingly rare, fully jointed velvet Bonzo. He measures 8.5 inches tall and dates from around 1927. His IDs include his button and red ear tag which is numbered 5417. These digits indicate that Bonzo is jointed, velvet, and measures 17 centimeters sitting. He is painted by hand, making him a one-of-a-kind work of art. His proportions and detailing are breathtaking. Bonzo was a popular cartoon character created by British artist George Studdy in the early 1920s. Studdy tightly controlled Bonzo's marketing and licensing. Steiff wanted to produce Bonzo and sent samples to Studdy for his approval. Studdy preferred a version produced by Chad Valley. He felt that Steiff's Bonzo was a poor interpretation. However, before getting Studdy's feedback, Steiff jumped the gun and started making Bonzos. The company produced 115 examples before terminating the work. Today, these cherished canines very seldomly appear on the secondary market. They have consistently realized over USD 25,000 in the past. Lot #3969, Steiff “Pupp-Bully” dog doll. Image from Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH. The second highlight can only be described as "wah-hoo good!" It is lot #3969, a Steiff "Pupp-Bully" dog doll from around 1929 or 1930. He stands 10 inches tall and has the head of Steiff's Bully the Bulldog. This doll has a soft, humanized body. He wears a cream shirt with a salmon tie, blue shorts and shoes, a belt, and felt…