Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH’s November 6, 2021 Auction is the Company’s Largest Exclusively Steiff Sale of all Time, Realizing Over $670,000 with 100% Sell-Through

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This breathtaking event featured an important collection of prewar Teddy bears, archive and one-of-a-kind rarities, cloth dolls, pristine midcentury exemplars, and other premier button-in-ear Steiff treasures.

Ladenburg, Germany, November 16, 2021 – Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion’s 367 lot mid-autumn signature Steiff Special Auction sale attracted buyers from every continent and generated heart stopping results from start to finish. Prices noted include the company’s buyer’s premium, and are converted from Euro to US Dollars. 

Bonzo Dog
Bonzo Dog

Outstanding, early turn of last century Teddy bears took many of the top lot slots in this exciting sale.

* Lot #3960, a large and remarkably appealing brass center seamed mohair cub, was estimated at $1,368 – $2,736 and sold for $36,341.60. This handsome, turn of last century example was fully jointed and measured about 20″ standing. His period features included black shoe button eyes and a prominent back hump. He retained its long trailing “F” ear button as his Steiff ID.

* Lot #3998, an unusual white mohair bear from c. 1905, was estimated at $855 – $1,710 and made $23,761.82. This 16″ tall showstopper was softly stuffed and retained his early, prized blank button. He was detailed with black shoe button eyes, a brown embroidered nose and mouth, and a very fuzzy muzzle; bears from this era usually have shaved muzzles.

* Lot #3995, an extraordinarily rare 16″ tall white mohair Dicky bear with all IDs, was estimated at $4,788  – $9,576 and traded hands at $20,966.31. This marvelous example from c. 1930 had stenciled velvet paw pads and pink airbrushed facial highlights. The only other white Dicky bear with a chest tag our Steiff experts know of resides in the Steiff archives in Giengen, Germany.

* Lot #4194, an adorable Petsy bear from the late 1920s, was estimated at $969 – $1,938 and realized $14,676.42. Always popular with collectors, this charming 16″ tall cub retained his Steiff ID button and featured long tipped mohair, blue and black glass pupil eyes, large rounded ears placed low on his head, and a prominent center seam face.

One-of-a-kind archival treasures and absolute rarities also caught the attention of bidders worldwide.

* Lot #3968, a fully jointed, hand painted velvet Bonzo cartoon dog with IDs and its original Steiff archive tag, was estimated at $16,530 –  $33,060 and topped off at $46,125.54. This 9″ tall example from 1927 mirrored his namesake with black and blue glass eyes, a red leather collar, and a red felt tongue. Bonzo was a figure by the English author G. E. Studdy, who personally marketed the success of his character. Steiff wanted to produce Bonzo through a licensing agreement but Studdy selected the firm Chad Valley instead. This Bonzo is one of only 115 produced by Steiff in total.

* Lot #4204, an early 1930s era white begging Putzi cartoon character, was estimated at $433.20 – $866.40 and sold for $12,300.24. This absolute rarity – in excellent, complete condition with its Steiff button, legible ear tag, and named chest tag – came alive with a felt tongue and a black glass button nose and eyes. This Putzi was only one of 2,542 examples produced by Steiff.

* Lot #3969, a c. 1929-1930 Pupp-Bully Bulldog doll, was estimated at $2,508 – $5,016 and realized $9,504.73. This hybrid rarity, with a dog’s head and a humanly scaled body, was three ways jointed.  He wore a striped shirt, orange tie, blue shorts, blue shoes, a leather belt, and tan felt gloves. Pupp-Bully was in excellent original condition without playwear, retained his Steiff archive tag, and was one of only 20 examples produced by Steiff.

* Lot #3993, a most likely one-of-a-kind sample prototype miniature rabbit from the 1960s, was estimated at $285 – $570 and made $2,096.63. This fully jointed, 9″ tall example was in as new, complete condition will all IDs and had the same pattern as the company’s legacy, standard line 43 and 60 cm “Lulac” style long limbed rabbits.

Steiff’s beloved prewar dogs and cats also made headlines at this exciting sales event.

* Lot #4296, an 8″ tall sitting cat with distinctive mottled mohair, was estimated at $296.40 – $592.80 and traded hands at $6,150.12 His cat features included green and black slit pupil eyes, a pink embroidered nose and mouth, and red claws. This 1930s era example with IDs was from the collection of German Steiff experts Edith and Johan Koskinen.

* Lot #4235, a charming, early 1930s Siamy Siamese cat, was estimated at $513 – $1,026 and landed at $5,451.24 This 6″ tall example in complete condition was sitting, head jointed, made from tan and brown mohair, and featured stunning blue and black glass slit pupil eyes.

* Lot #4176, a 4″ tall mohair and velvet sitting Bully the Bulldog, was estimated at $205.20 – $410.40 and realized an astonishing $5,171.69. Produced from 1927-31, this very fine head jointed example retained its decorative horsehair collar and all his IDs including his button, cloth tag, and most desirable named, metal rimmed chest tag.

* Lot #4325, a petitely proportioned standing Charly the King Charles Spaniel, was estimated at $513 – $1,026 and sold for $4,752.36. This c. 1928 example measured 3″ tall and was made from white and brown tipped mohair and white felt. Charly retained all of his IDs including his button, cloth tag, and named, metal rimmed chest tag.

Prewar apes and primates were another premier category in this sale.

* Lot #3985, an extremely rare and fully jointed white mohair monkey, was estimated at $1,003.20 – $2,006.40 and realized $9,784.28. Produced at the turn of last century, this 19″ tall example had black shoe button eyes, a felt face, ears, hands, and feet, and retained its original blank Steiff button.

* Lot #4159, a most unusual orange mohair Mimocculo baby orang-utang, was estimated at $627 – $1,254 and made $7,967.20. This early 1930s-era fully jointed primate novelty featured lifelike, rolling glass eyeballs that were activated by pulling or twisting his felt ears.

* Lot #3967, an early post World War I era chimp made from brown substitute paper plush, was estimated at $250.80 – $501.60 and sold for $7,408.10. This extraordinary, ephemeral example measured 7″ tall sitting, had a linen face, hands, and feet, and retained his button as his Steiff ID.

This sale came full circle with remarkable antique button-in-ear dolls, novelties, and other animals.

* Lot #3961, a “Record Teddy” pull toy with Steiff ID, was estimated at $478.80 – $957.60 and realized $8,386.52. This c. 1913 legacy plaything featured a 10″ tall, fully jointed mohair bear riding upon a cart with a metal carriage and four wooden wheels.

* Lot #4167, an 11″ tall “Olaf” felt doll, was estimated at $410.40 – $820.80 and sold for $6,289.89. This blue eyed boy from c. 1909-1918 was dressed head to toe in a traditional Dutch outfit including a blue felt suit, black mohair hat, and felt clogs. He retained his original Steiff button.

* Lot #4269, a 4″ tall sitting velvet and mohair squirrel from c. 1905-1906, was estimated at $205.20 – $410.40 and climbed to $5,730.79. He was detailed with black shoe button eyes and brown painted contouring and held a red pompom as a nut between his two front paws.

According to Pia Fast Seidel of Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion, “I am truly delighted with the results of this amazing sale. It is the largest and most successful Steiff exclusive auction we have ever held. This event featured museum quality collections from the USA and Europe from consignors who recognized Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion as the premier auction house in the world for buying and selling fine Steiff rarities. We were also excited to see that this sale caught the eye of many new bidders from North America as we look to build our visibility, business, and customer base in the States and Canada. Our early April, 2022 sale will include the next installment of treats and treasures from the collections featured in this auction. We welcome your premier Steiff consignments for this event through March 1, 2022; please contact me for more information.”

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