“Tomorrow’s Stars”: Sheeler and Lawrence – An Online Exhibition at Jonathan Boos

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In the Gallery’s first online exhibition, Jonathan Boos presents “Tomorrow’s Stars”: Jacob Lawrence and Charles Sheeler in Conversation

"Tomorrow's Stars": Lawrence & Sheeler
“Tomorrow’s Stars”: Lawrence & Sheeler

Lawrence and Sheeler were brought together by pioneering art dealer Edith Halpert, who shaped the progression of American modern art from her Downtown Gallery in New York City. An advocate for American art at a time when the European avant-garde was en vogue, Halpert propelled Lawrence and Sheeler, along with a vast roster that included Stuart Davis and Arthur Dove, into the art world. She advocated for diversity and accessibility in American art, representing outsider and minority artists and embracing a variety of aesthetic perspectives and movements. Through Downtown Gallery exhibitions, Lawrence and Sheeler befriended each other. Together, their works capture the dynamism of 20th century American art, as well as American society more broadly.

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