Tiffany Jewelry Auction – Schlumberger Bracelets and Angela Cummings For Sale

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Jean Schlumberger and Angela Cummings Jewelry for Tiffany & Co. for Sale at Auction September 2019. Preview the auction lots and place your bids.

Jean Schlumberger and Angela Cummings Jewelry for Tiffany & Co.

When Tiffany & Co. opened its doors in lower Manhattan in 1837, the city was still crowded with horse and buggy traffic, its streets lit by lamplight. In the 181 years since, the storied design house has continued to reinvent itself in part through collaborations with outside designers. These strategic partnerships have produced some of our favorite vintage pieces that stand up against the passing decades, as exquisite now as they were more than 50 years ago. While many such collaborations are beloved by jewelry enthusiasts for their instantly recognizable aesthetics, from Elsa Peretti to Paloma Picasso, the designs of Jean Schlumberger and Angela Cummings remain some of the most sought after at auction.

Jacklyn Kennedy’s Favorite Jewels Designed by Schlumberger for Tiffanys

What is a Schlumberger Bracelet AKA Jackie Bracelet?

While Jean Schlumberger’s colorful, whimsical designs were embraced by European and Hollywood royalty alike, it is difficult to imagine a stronger endorsement than that of the iconically stylish former first lady. This is what Schlumberger received when he began designing his Croisillons bracelets around 1962. In fact, throughout her time the White House and afterwards, Jacklyn Kennedy was so frequently seen in these colorful enameled bangles that they came to be known as the Jackie Bracelets.  

jackie kennedy wears bracelet
Jackie Kennedy wearing Schlumberger bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany has continued to produce the bracelets, even since Schlumberger’s death in 1987, which continue to delight aficionados when they find their way to auction.

Tiffany Schlumberger Bracelet for Sale

The September Fall Fine Jewelry Signature Auction features one example of this perennially popular design. View the Schlumberger bracelet for sale, plus other Schlumberger designs from the upcoming auction.

What Kind of Jewelry Did Angela Cummings Make for Tiffany?

Though her tenure at Tiffany was shorter than Schlumberger’s, Angela Cummings amassed a dedicated fan base during the 1970s and early 1980s. In fact we’ve observed a recent resurgence in interest among jewelry devotees in her designs’ signature organic shapes and elevated use of semi-precious stones. Her frequent play with combinations of onyx, opal, mother of pearl, turquoise, and coral, in addition to a fondness for simple, all-gold pieces, resulted in a superb array of extremely wearable, but no less elegant, jewels. 

Angela Cummings Jewelry for Sale

The September Fine Jewelry Signature Auction contains several examples of her famous aesthetic, including a pair of pansy earrings and an example of the circa 1980 Feather Choker necklace featured in that season’s Tiffany Blue Book, plus gold earrings with mother of pearl and black onyx.

angela cummings earring for sale

View the other Cummings designs featured in September’s Fall Fine Jewelry Signature Auction.

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