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  • Auction Preview

    Ancient / Ethnographic Art Through The Ages

    The upcoming Ancient/ Ethnographic Art Through the Ages auction, presented by Artemis Gallery, features an Egyptian shabti. The funerary figurine was intended for Khaemwaset, the revered fourth son of Ramesses II. He was the first Egyptologist to document Egypt's Old Kingdom monuments, which were over 1,000 years old during his lifetime.…

    20th C. Indian Marble Carving of Durga & Lion Mount
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    Online July Auction

    Between 1989 and 1995, the Moscow Mint produced a series of palladium bullion coins that pictured a ballerina on the front. Created to honor the Bolshoi Theatre, one of the best-known cultural institutions in Moscow, these coins continued production through the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A 25-roubles ballerina coin…

    18k Gold, Opal, Emerald and Diamond Brooch
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    California Jewels

    The first Cartier Panthère design was a custom piece created in 1948 for the Duchess of Windsor. It used an emerald from the Duke’s collection. One of the highlights in the California Jewels auction, presented by Bonhams, is a Cartier gold and diamond Panthère bracelet with polished gold links. It is…

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    Property of an Iconic Industrialist

    In the upcoming Property of an Iconic Industrialist auction, a selection of jewelry, fine and decorative art, and collectibles can be found. At the center of the auction is a no-heat Burmese ruby and diamond ring. Burmese rubies are considered the rarest and most valuable rubies with colors ranging from…

    (14) Strain 18K YG Bezel Set Diamond Necklace
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    Toys, Trains, Baby Boomer Toys, Pressed Steel & More

    The Lionel Manufacturing Company was founded in 1900 by Joshua Lionel Cowen in New York City. Cowen’s first electric train, called the “Electric Express,” appeared in 1901 in a store display. Shortly after, the train gained popularity and Cowen began manufacturing model electric trains along with their accessories. The company…

    Howdy Doody Wood Jointed Tricycle Rider.
  • Auction Preview

    Estate of Jennie K. Scaife, with Additions

    With a personal fortune of approximately $1.2 billion, banking and oil heir Richard Mellon Scaife was an American public figure and the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His granddaughter, Jennie K. Scaife, shared his interest in philanthropy and collecting antiques. Her collection is on sale this July in the upcoming…

    Helmet Koller (Austria-United States b. 1954) Acrylic on Canvas Red Eyed Tree Frogs
  • Auction Industry

    Dania Beach Auction House Provides Guide to the Art Appraisal Process

    Joshua Kodner, an auction house based in Dania Beach, released a complete guide to the art appraisal process for collectors and artists. DANIA BEACH, FL, USA, Dania Beach Auction House Provides Guide to the Art Appraisal Process Joshua Kodner, an auction house based in Dania Beach, released a complete guide…

    Dania Beach Auction House Provides Guide to the Art Appraisal Process
  • Exhibitions

    Museum of Russian Icons reopens July 17 with two new exhibitions

    CLINTON, MA– The Museum of Russian Icons will be reopening on Friday, July 17 with two new exhibitions: The Long Way Home: A Photographic Journey with Gordon Lankton, featuring 40 stunning photographs from the museum founder’s life-changing mid-20th century motorcycle adventure from Germany to Japan; andTradition & Opulence: Easter in Imperial Russia, an…

    Museum of Russian Icons reopens July 17 with two new exhibitions
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    Historic Fine Art & Antiques

    The upcoming sale, presented by Elite Auctioneers, particularly highlights an oil painting titled The Goldfish Bowl by Samuel F.B. Morse. The painting shows Mrs. Richard Carey Morse and her two children, Elizabeth and Charlotte. The artist, who was also the inventor of the single-wire telegraph and creator of Morse code, started…

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    Estate Jewelry, Fine Art & Collectibles

    The Patek Philippe Nautilus watch was introduced in 1976 and was a creation of designer Gérald Genta. Inspired and named after the submarine from Jules Verne’s novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the watch has an unusual octagonal bezel that resembles the porthole of a ship. The upcoming auction,…

    Saul Fanfani (Italian 1856-1919) Bust Charme
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    Jewelery and Watches Auction

    Carlo Crocco launched Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, in 1980 and began designing unconventional watches soon after. The company’s signature piece is made of metal and rubber, two elements brought together for the first time in watchmaking history. Featured in the upcoming Jewelry and Watches Auction, offered by Morton Subastas,…

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    Fine Art, Furniture & Decorative Art, Jewelry & Timepieces, Asian Art

    The upcoming Clars auction features a watercolor piece titled Victory: The Spanish War (1947). With over a million lives lost and the eventual victory of a fascist ruler, the Spanish Civil War was one of the most devastating conflicts in Spanish history. This watercolor and Indian ink painting by Surrealist…

  • Auction Preview

    July Antique Diving Helmet & Scuba Auction

    In 1912, U.S. Navy gunner George D. Stillson wrote a letter to the Bureau of Construction and Repair complaining about the Navy's equipment and procedures. The Bureau assigned Stillson the task of analyzing the existing methods as a result. In 1915, Stillson submitted his guidelines in his “Report on Deep…

    Small Copper & Brass Diving Helmet Display
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    Two-Day Summer Fine Art, Antique, and Jewelry Auction – Day 2

    Silversmiths in 18th-century France revolutionized the dining table, and many of their innovations are still in use today. The period following the French Revolution saw the individualization of dining, which required fewer shared dishes. Emerging from this was the epergne, a dining table centerpiece with branching arms that held hanging…

    Cowden & Wilcox Stoneware Batter Jug with Tin Covers
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    Crocker Art Museum - Big Names Small Art

    Non-objective painter Mel Prest focuses on color and perceptual visual relationships in her paintings. From afar, her works look like a single, solid color field. However, a closer view reveals multiple converging stripes of color. For Prest, painting is not a mere academic exercise. Instead, she strives to invoke a…

    TERRI BIANCO, Pansies in the Key of C
  • Auction Preview

    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide

    This July, Akiba Antiques will offer items ranging from Patek Phillip watches to Chinese cloisonné vases in the upcoming Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide Auction. One of the featured lots is an 18-karat gold snail brooch from American jeweler David Webb. The artist is recognized for his distinctive take on…

    19th Cent. French Empire Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock
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    New York City Estate Auction, July 12

    Zapotec artist Rufino Tomayo brought Mexican folklore to life using motifs. There was something about watermelon that appealed to him, as it often became the subject of his works: “They [watermelons] are a smile from Mexico.” One of Tomayo’s watermelon paintings is featured in the New York City Estate Auction,…

    Pierre Mas Modern Bird Oil on Board
  • Auction Preview

    The Collection of Linda & Dennis Moyer - Session One

    Schtockschnitzler Simmons was a woodcarver well-known for his carved wood bird trees. Simmons was known to travel around Berks County in Pennsylvania selling canes and bird trees along with two fellow pedlers. His bird trees were made from dogwood due to its high strength after drying. The carved birds were…

    Pennsylvania fraktur scherenschnitte
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    ABC: Fashion & Accessories

    Thierry Hermès founded the Hermès brand in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris. Originally, he intended to provide saddles, bridles, and other leather riding gear for European noblemen. Between 1880 and 1900, the French brand extended its offerings to include leather handbags, travel bags, and its signature scarves. An…

    Hermès 35cm Anemone Togo leather Birkin bag
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    Style + Design | Home Decor at Auction

    Celebrated filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock believed in using strong visual elements rather than lengthy dialogues to advance the storyline of his films. Hitchcock made this his trademark style and its influence is equally evident in his signature. The upcoming auction of Style + Design, offered by Charlton Hall Auctions, will feature…

    French enameled glass bowl