The Winter Show Announces Highlights for 2021 Online Edition: Including Engaging Virtual Talks and New Digital Platform

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The online fair and programming takes place January 22–31, 2021 with VIP Preview Access January 19–21, 2021

New York, NY (January 14, 2021) – The Winter Show 2021 takes place on an immersive  online platform, on view from January 22–31, 2021, with VIP Preview Access on January 19– 21, 2021. Featuring 60 exhibitors, the virtual fair brings together a dynamic group of leading international dealers that represent a diverse and global mix of fine and decorative arts from  ancient times to the present day. The Show is New York’s longest-running art, antiques, and  design fair, established in 1954 by East Side House Settlement to benefit the community based organization’s critical mission serving the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. All net  proceeds from The Winter Show’s VIP Preview Access and any additional donations directly  benefit East Side House and contribute substantially to the organization’s life-changing  work. 

The Winter Show’s new online platform allows exhibitors to present works in a variety of  formats including a three-dimensional virtual gallery exhibition, featuring up to twenty  artworks and objects at a time. Visitors are able to take in the digital presentations as a whole  and view close-up, detailed views of the range of works displayed. The new platform also  provides a space for discussion and engagement, offering virtual “office hours” for visitors  to connect with dealers directly by phone, text, or video chat via Zoom. In keeping with the  Show’s commitment to presenting an unparalleled and high-quality selection of works in the  fine and decorative arts, objects in the online fair have been reviewed by photographs and documentation for authenticity, date, and condition by a committee of experts from the  United States and Europe. 

“We’re thrilled to share the first online edition of The Winter Show,” said Helen Allen,  Executive Director. “We are grateful to our exhibitors, partners, and the institutions and  leading voices in art, antiques, and design who have adapted to our current times and  brought together incredible presentations and engaging programming for digital audiences  this year. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be able to support the mission of East Side House  and expand awareness of the organization’s critical work.” 

Exhibitor Highlights 

The 2021 online edition offers collectors and connoisseurs the opportunity to acquire and  encounter an extensive range of works including painting, photography, sculpture, tapestry,  prints, ceramics, jewelry, arms and armor, antique furniture, and contemporary design.  Dealers from around the world present exclusive art and objects, highlighting historically  significant pieces by leading designers, artists, and makers in their respective fields.  Jonathan Boos (New York, USA) who specializes in American paintings, drawings and  sculpture of the 20th century, features an important painting by Jacob Lawrence (1917- 2000), Makeup (Dressing Room), 1952, from the artist’s experimental “Performance” series  made in the early 1950s that depicts actors transforming into characters through elaborate,  harlequin-esque stage makeup. Robert Simon Fine Art (New York, USA) presents The  Judgment of Paris, a significant German Renaissance oil painting by Lucas Cranach the  Elder and Workshop, alongside other European works of the Renaissance and Baroque  periods. Menconi + Schoelkopf Fine Art’s (New York, USA) presentation includes a  watercolor work by Winslow Homer from 1885 and an oil painting by Thomas Cole, View of  Schroon Mountain (1838) among other important works of American art. Donzella (New  York, USA), a forerunner in the 20th century design community, highlights a rare pair of  iconic egg chairs by Ico & Luisa Parisi from 1953, produced by Cassina. 

Apter-Fredericks (London, UK) features eighteenth century English furniture, including a  grand pair of commodes attributed to Mayhew & Ince from circa 1775-80, and Bernard & S.  Dean Levy (New York, USA) highlights a Federal Inlaid Tall Case Clock with works made and  signed by Charles Tinges (1765-1816), dated 1802, among other fine Americana objects. 

Cohen & Cohen (Reigate, UK) who specializes in Chinese porcelain, showcases a Chinese  armorial porcelain charger with a finely painted grisaille scene from the Qianlong Period, c. 1740. S.J. Shrubsole’s (New York, USA) presentation includes exceptional antique silver  and jewelry, such as a George II Antique English Silver Punch Bowl (1728) by David  Willaume. Arader Galleries (New York, USA) brings a selection of rare maps, prints, books  and watercolors, including prints by John James Audubon (1785-1851). David A.  Schorsch–Eileen M. Smiles American Antiques (Woodbury, CT, USA), an authority in  American antiques and folk art, exhibits a rare cat weathervane, c. 1890-1910. Specialists in  the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Les Enluminures (Chicago and New York, USA; Paris,  France) highlights a luxurious Parisian Book of Hours from Northern France, Paris, c. 1445-1455. Plektron Fine Arts AG (Zurich, Switzerland), presenting antiques with a particular  emphasis on the Greek and Roman periods, features art and objects dating as far back as to  the Sumerian early dynastic period, c. 2900-2500 B.C.

Lillian Nassau LLC (New York, USA) presents important Tiffany Studios works, such as a  gold iridescent “Jack in the Pulpit” vase from 1904-1905. Joan B Mirviss LTD (New York,  USA) exhibits masterworks of modern Japanese art, specializing in screens, scrolls,  woodblock prints, and modern and contemporary ceramics, and Michael Goedhuis (London, UK) features pieces by contemporary Chinese artists, as well as works ranging  back to the Warring States Period in China from 475 – 221 BC. Tambaran (New York, USA),  with a focus in African, Oceanic and North West Coast art, showcases a shaman’s Eskimo  mask from Anvik, Alaska among other highlights. Experts in 18th and 19th century European  porcelain and faience and contemporary ceramics and glass, Michele Beiny, Inc.(New York,  USA) presents glass works by Contemporary American artists including William Morris (b.  1957) and others. Didier Ltd (London, UK) features jewelry from the 20th century, including a unique necklace and bracelet designed by Afro Basaldella (1912–1976). Design Co-Chairs 

The Winter Show’s 2021 Design Co-Chairs are Wendy Goodman, Thomas Jayne, and Frank de Biasi. Each year the Show invites leaders from the worlds of interior design and  architecture to lend their voices as Design Co-Chairs, reinforcing the Show’s deep  relationship with the design community. This year’s digital format has provided new avenues  to showcase the use of historic art and objects in contemporary architecture and design. The  fair’s platform will feature a virtual viewing room designed with works selected by the Design  Co-Chairs from the Show’s 60 exhibitors.  

Virtual Conversations and Special Events  

Highlights of the Show’s 2021 virtual In Dialogue series include a conversation between  Carol Cadou, the Charles F. Montgomery Director and CEO of Winterthur Museum, and  award-winning designer Thomas Jayne on Winterthur’s Chandler Farm; “Evolving  Narratives in the 21st Century Museum,” a panel discussion presented by The Magazine  ANTIQUES featuring leading curators and museum directors Sylvia Yount (Lawrence A.  Fleischman Curator in Charge of the American Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art), Jami C.  Powell (Citizen of the Osage Nation and curator of Native American Art at the Hood  Museum), David Pilgrim (VP for Diversity, Inclusion, and Strategic Initiatives and the  Founder and Director of the Jim Crow Museum), and Joanne T. Hyppolite (Supervisory  Museum Curator of the African Diaspora, National Museum of African American History  and Culture, Smithsonian); “The Bennett Collection: A Passion for Collecting,” a discussion  between Texas-based collectors Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt on their passion for championing women artists; “Historic Gardens: Three New York  Treasures,” a conversation between Winter Show exhibitor Barbara Israel and Howard Zar (Director, Lyndhurst), Stephen Byrns (President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy) and  Lorraine Gilligan (Director of Preservation, Old Westbury Gardens); and a discussion  between Glenn Adamson (Curator, Writer & Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British  Art) and Ethan Lasser (Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) on “Craft: An American  History.” 

To see the full list of events and register in advance for live conversations, please visit or see below. 

Virtual Programming Schedule 

Friday, January 22, 4 PM EST 

Tradition and Imagination: Winterthur’s Chandler Farm with Carol Cadou and Thomas  Jayne 

Join Carol Cadou, the Charles F. Montgomery Director and CEO of the Winterthur Museum  and award-winning interior designer Thomas Jayne as they discuss the recent redecoration  of historic Chandler Farm, long the home of the museum’s directors. Both Ms. Cadou and  Mr. Jayne are graduates of Winterthur’s Program in American Material Culture. Join  Thomas Jayne and Carol Cadou following the discussion for cocktails and conversation.  Thomas Jayne I Jayne Studio 

Carol Cadou I Charles F. Montgomery Director and CEO, The Winterthur Museum 

Monday, January 25, 1 PM EST 

Historic Gardens: Three New York Treasures 

Join Barbara Israel in conversation with Howard Zar (Director, Lyndhurst), Stephen Byrns  (President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy) and Lorraine Gilligan (Director of  Preservation, Old Westbury Gardens) as they discuss some of the Northeast region’s most  notable historic gardens and grounds. During the pandemic, public gardens have become  doubly valued as safe havens and their popularity has soared. Join our panel discussion for a  glimpse into the histories of these three outstanding gardens and explore their influences  and stylistic differences. 

Moderator: Barbara Israel 

Panelists: Stephen Byrns I President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy Lorraine Gilligan I Director of Preservation, Old Westbury Gardens  

Howard Zar I Director, Lyndhurst 

Monday, January 25, 5 PM EST 

The Magazine ANTIQUES presents: Evolving Narratives in the 21st Century Museum The questions of whose history and culture American museums represent and who these  institutions are speaking to are finally being addressed. Join Elizabeth Pochoda, advisory  editor of The Magazine ANTIQUES, and a panel of distinguished curators and museum directors as they discuss the ways in which museums are engaging previously  underrepresented artists, subject matter, and audiences. The panelists will speak about  their past and current efforts towards change, and their specific approaches to audience  engagement. 

Elizabeth Pochoda I Panel organizer and advisory editor The Magazine ANTIQUES Sylvia Yount I Lawrence A. Fleischman Curator in Charge of the American Wing,  Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Jami C. Powell I Citizen of the Osage Nation and curator of Native American Art at  the Hood Museum, Dartmouth College 

David Pilgrim I VP for Diversity, Inclusion, and Strategic Initiatives and the Founder  and Director of the Jim Crow Museum 

Joanne T. Hyppolite I Supervisory Museum Curator of the African Diaspora,  National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian

Tuesday, January 26, 5 PM EST 

Blended Spirits: A Curious Objects Cocktail Hour at The Winter Show 

You’re invited to a live Winter Show event with Curious Objects, the podcast from The  Magazine ANTIQUES. Winter Show exhibitors Daniel Crouch (Daniel Crouch Rare Books),  Carrie Imberman (Kentshire), and Keegan Goepfert (Les Enluminures) join host Ben Miller  for a cocktail hour Zoom chat about alcohol-friendly antiques. From a medieval illustration of  beer-quaffing Trappist monks to a goat-head silver drinking cup, you’ll hear about wacky  objects and the wild stories behind them from some of the show’s most irreverent dealers. 

To make things even more interesting, we’ll be mixing up a custom Winter Rosé Sangria  cocktail crafted for the occasion by friend of the show Mark Addison, author of Cocktail  Chameleon

Wednesday, January 27, 1 PM EST 

The Bennett Collection: A Passion for Collecting 

Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt have spent years amassing an  impressive collection dedicated exclusively to figurative realist paintings of women by  women. The Collection’s aim – to elevate women painters (who have not received the same  degree of acceptance as their male counterparts) and to ignite enthusiasm and dialogue  about figurative realism, a style which, over the past half century, has fallen out of favor. 

The Collection includes work by historical trailblazing women painters such as Artemisia  Gentileschi, Mary Cassatt, and Elisabetta Sirani alongside some of the most exciting women  painters currently working: Julie Bell, Margaret Bowland, Aleah Chapin, Aneka Ingold, and  dozens of others. 

Join the Texas-based collectors as they discuss their passion for championing women  artists. To see their full collection visit: and follow them  on IG @bennett897 or FB @TheBennettArtCollection. 

Wednesday, January 27, 5 PM EST 

Garden Delights: Bringing the Outdoors Inside 

Join New York Cottages & Gardens Editor Kendell Cronstrom, Interior Designer Matthew  Patrick Smyth, and Winter Show dealers Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz and Benoist Drut of  Maison Gerard in discussion.  

Thursday, January 28, 5 PM EST 

Craft: An American History 

The United States has always been a nation of makers. From initial settlement through  successive waves of immigration, craft has been crucial to America’s economy and its  identity, appealing to deeply held ideas of individuality and self-sufficiency.  In his new book, historian and curator Glenn Adamson argues that crafted objects have  played another, under-recognized role in our history, as symbols in the fight for social  progress and as ethical guideposts, pointing firmly toward the future. Following his reading,  Glenn will be joined by Ethan Lasser, curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for a  discussion of the book and its subject. 

Glenn Adamson I Curator, Writer & Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art  Ethan Lasser I Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The Winter Show 

The Winter Show is the leading art, antiques, and design fair in America, featuring the world’s  top experts in the fine and decorative arts. The Winter Show is an annual benefit for East Side  House Settlement, a community-based organization serving the Bronx and Northern  Manhattan. The Winter Show maintains the highest standards of quality in the art market,  and objects in the online fair has been reviewed by photographs and documentation for  authenticity, date, and condition by a committee of experts from the United States and  Europe. 

All net proceeds from The Winter Show’s VIP Preview Access and any additional donations  directly benefit East Side House and contribute substantially to the organization’s life changing work. No part of sales made by exhibitors is received by East Side House. 

The online edition of The Winter Show runs January 22–31, 2021. 

To purchase tickets for The Winter Show VIP Preview from January 19–21, 2021, call (718)  292-7392 or visit 

East Side House Settlement 

East Side House Settlement is a community-based organization located in the South Bronx.  Recognizing education as the key to economic and civic opportunity, East Side House works  with schools, community centers, and other partners to bring quality education and  resources to individuals in need, helping approximately 10,000 residents of the Bronx and  Northern Manhattan improve their lives each year. 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, East Side House has created the Harvest to  Haven program and is purchasing surplus crops from farmers and distributing them to  families in need. To date, over 700,000 pounds of food has been packaged and distributed  and East Side House has fed over 150,000 people. In addition, the organization  has distributed at-home learning kits complete with multicultural books and STEM activities  and over 700 tablets and hot spots to students and families in an effort to mitigate the  digital divide and keep students learning remotely. The organization continues to conduct  friendly remote check-ins with students and families and senior citizens to fight against  feelings of isolation, and to assess needs as they develop. 

For more information, please visit 

The Winter Show Leadership 

Helen Allen, Executive Director 

Lucinda C. Ballard, Co-Chair 

Michael R. Lynch, Co-Chair

Arie L. Kopelman, Chairman Emeritus 

Veronica Wu, Project Manager 

Fair Dates  

VIP Preview Access 

January 19–21, 2021 

Public Access 

January 22–31, 2021 

Information and Images  

Please visit The Winter Show’s online press room at for  comprehensive information and to sign up for future updates and announcements. 

Social Media  

Facebook: @thewintershownyc 

Twitter: @thewintershowny 

Instagram: @thewintershownyc 

Press Contacts 

Third Eye 

Tyler Mahowald, [email protected] 

Anika Zempleni, [email protected]

2021 Winter Show Exhibitors 

Adelson Galleries, Inc., New York, USA 

A La Vieille Russie, Inc., New York, USA

Apter-Fredericks, London, UK 

Arader Galleries, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Aronson of Amsterdam, Amsterdam,  Netherlands 

Barbara Israel Garden Antiques, New York,  USA 

Bernard & S. Dean Levy Inc., New York, USA

Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC, New York,  USA 

Bowman Sculpture, London, UK 

Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz, Paris, France

Cohen & Cohen, Reigate, UK  

Cove Landing, New York, USA 

Daniel Crouch Rare Books, London, UK;  New York, USA  

David A. Schorsch–Eileen M. Smiles 

American Antiques, Woodbury, CT, USA 

Didier Ltd, London, UK 

Donzella, New York, USA 

Elle Shushan, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Erik Thomsen Gallery, New York, USA 

H. Blairman & Sons Ltd, London, UK 

Hill-Stone, Inc., South Dartmouth, MA, USA

Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York, USA

Hyde Park Antiques, Ltd., New York, USA

James Graham-Stewart, London, UK

James Infante, New York, USA 

James Robinson, Inc., New York, USA

Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York, USA

Jonathan Boos, New York, USA 

Kelly Kinzle, New Oxford, PA, USA 

Kentshire, New York, USA 

Keshishian, London, UK 

Koopman Rare Art, London, UK 

Les Enluminures, Chicago and New York,  USA; Paris, France 

Lillian Nassau LLC, New York, USA

Lobel Modern, New York, USA 

Lost City Arts, New York, USA 

Lowell Libson & Jonny Yarker Ltd,  London, UK 

Macklowe Gallery, Ltd., New York, USA

Maison Gerard, New York, USA 

Martyn Gregory, London, UK 

Menconi + Schoelkopf, New York, USA

Michael Goedhuis, London, UK 

Michele Beiny, Inc., New York, USA

Nathan Liverant and Son LLC, Colchester,  CT, USA 

The Old Print Shop, Inc., New York, USA Peter Finer, London, UK 

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, Dublin, NH, USA

Plektron Fine Arts AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc., New York,  USA  

Red Fox Fine Art, Middleburg, VA, USA

Robert Simon Fine Art, New York, USA

Robert Young Antiques, London, UK

Ronald Phillips Ltd, London, UK 

Schwarz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA S. J.

Shrubsole, New York, USA 

Spencer Marks, Southampton, MA, USA

Tambaran, New York, USA 

Thistlethwaite Americana, Upperville, VA, USA 

Thomas Colville Fine Art, Guilford, CT,  USA 

Thomas Heneage Art Books, London, UK

Throckmorton Fine Art, New York, USA

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