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The Skinner Auction House was founded by Robert W. Skinner Jr. nearly four decades ago in the 1960s. He built the company in New England with a belief that an auction house would succeed in a city that has a history for being an International Arts Center. In the 1960s, Skinner started its operations and the company incorporated in Bolton, Massachusetts in 1971.

Skinner founded the Boston Gallery in 1978. Right from its inception, the company has experienced steady growth and increased prominence as an auction house. Skinner shifted its headquarters to Marlborough in 2009.

Karen Keane and Stephen Fletcher at the Skinner Boston Gallery
Karen Keane and Stephen Fletcher

Excellences of Skinner Resulting in Growth

Skinner has got a reputation in the international auction market place as it delivers outstanding prices and alluring items for the auction. Moreover, the service of the company is wonderful which makes the enthusiasts choose the auction house for selling and buying valuable objects.

Today, the company organizes around 60 auctions on a yearly basis. With offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Boston, Florida, New York, NY, and Coral Gables and offers services across the globe. The enthusiasts can expect rare and beautiful objects form Skinner. The costumes of skinner can get the opportunity to access SkinnerLive! It provides online bidding service in real time.

These excellences are the main reasons why Skinner has grown to its present height. It is now one of the most reliable auction houses globally.

Departments of the Skinner Experts

With more than 20 departments, Skinner has the best team working behind the brand. With a team of specialists and expert appraisers, Skinner evaluation is highly respected and attracts major buyers, dealers, collectors, and retail purchasers worldwide. The experts of the Skinner appear in the Antiques Roadshow TV series regularly since 1995. The experts  also handle other programs related to art and culture

Kerry Shrives and Robin Starr Antiques Roadshow
Kerry Shrives and Robin Starr | Antiques Roadshow

The fields where Skinner excels are paintings, arts, decorative art and antique jewelry from around the globe. Other fields are American antiques and collectibles, pieces of fine-arts, bronze structures, science, technology and antique watches and clocks.

Diversified profiles of working

Efficient specialists and experts present in Skinner help it to work with a number of institutions, individuals and professionals of the estate settlement. They help the company to attract marvelous items in New England, the United States and all across the world.

Among the important sales of Skinner, there are items like Quang Dynasty Vase, folk art portraiture, Kashmiri textiles and artifacts of Aldro Thompson Hibbard and Fitz Henry Lane. Skinner observes decent results for the items like classic Italian violins and diamond jewelry from Cartier.

The contributions of Skinner Auction House

The contribution of the Skinner Auction house is promising in the field of Auction. A 24×36 inch oil painting by the famous artist Fitz Henry Lane’s called Manchester Harbor was sold for $5.5 million in November 2004. This is the highest price ever at an auction in New England and a world record for the artist too.

As a premier international auction house, there are some remarkable auctions and sales records held by the Skinner Auction House. In 2011, the Skinner auction house set a world-record for folk art portraiture as the 18th Century “Portrait of Abigail Rose, North Brandford, Connecticut, 1786″ was sold for $1,271,000.

In the 22nd Asian Works of Arts auction organized by Skinner, a Chinese Cloisonné Charger was sold at $315,000. Several bidders competed in the bid to take the lot up to that height.

The Egg-Yolk Yellow Dish was sold in the same auction at a remarkable price for $20,910.

The Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar 1958/63 was sold in an Auction of Skinner at a value of $611,000 in 2006. It set the highest record of the selling price at which a Gibson Guitar was sold.

Another auction which is considered historically vital and rare, is the broadside copy of the United States Declaration of Independence was sold for $693,500 in 2007.

As an art admirer, you can totally rely upon Skinner. With record-breaking cost and prices in the international auction market, Skinner attracts top shipments and orders. The main convenience that you get while selecting a Skinner auction is the authentic sale of genuine products. With expert services and proficiency, Skinner is the best market place for the sellers and the buyers.

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