‘The Greatness of the Universe’ in the Art of Giovanna Garzoni

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Giovanna Garzoni, "Canina con biscotti" c. 1648.

Giovanna Garzoni, "Canina con biscotti" c. 1648. The exhibition ‘The Greatness of the Universe' in the art of Giovanna Garzoni, at Italy's famed Pitti Palace, Andito degli Angiolini, March 10 – May 24 2020, showcases the artist's works collected by the Medici and still owned by the Uffizi Galleries. While her role in the evolution of scientific illustration is widely acknowledged, Giovanna Garzoni (1600-1670) is less familiar as an illustrator of geographical fantasy in the age of the Baroque. In harmonic and often relatively small compositions, the painter combines exotic objects of extremely varied provenance such as Chinese porcelain, Pacific nautili, Mexican

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