The Cité du Vitrail Opens in Troyes

La Gazette Drouot
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The Cité du Vitrail Opens in Troyes-2

The newly-opened Cité du Vitrail puts the spotlight on a heritage with a constantly developing expertise. Presenting medieval masterpieces and contemporary creations, this new institution sheds light on a thousand-year-old art form. Hermann de Munster, Les Rois mages (The Three Kings), church of Sainte-Ségolène (Metz, detail), c. 1380-1390, glass and lead, grisaille paint and silver stain, Musée Lorrain de Nancy.Arch. dep. Aube/ Elsa Viollet In the small world of master glassmakers, the opening of the Cité du Vitrail is an event eagerly awaited for nearly 50 years by the project’s most fervent supporters. "The idea was first evoked in 1977 during a

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