The Castellanis, Inventors of “Archeological Jewelry”

La Gazette Drouot
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Manifattura Castellani, jewelry, 1860-1862 © Les Arts Décoratifs, Jean Tholance

The Castellanis were a family of Roman craftsmen, collectors and antique dealers who became famous for restoring and reinterpreting ancient jewelry, especially Etruscan. In the second half of the 19th century, their style won renown across the globe. Manifattura Castellani, jewelry, 1860-1862© Les Arts Décoratifs, Jean Tholance The interlacing “Cs” that Coco Chanel chose as the logo for her fashion house in 1925 are a symbol of French elegance and one of the world’s most famous monograms. A double C is also found in the tracery of the windows at the Cistercian Aubazine Abbey, where Gabrielle vacationed as a child. There are many theories

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