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Skinner is a world-famous name when it comes to auctions. The auction house has a reputation of holding nearly 60 auctions per year with a notable feature of monthly auctions. It hosts a variety of collectibles ranging from paintings to furniture, fine art to valuables. Another notable feature of the auction house is that they have antiques from all cultures and time periods. The auction house is famous for its groundbreaking prices and is renowned globally for auctions. Their extraordinary service and personalized buyer attention are what makes them a success on an international level. Skinner’s Country Americana auction was held on March 14, 2019. The easy to approach collection at affordable prices are highlighting features of the Skinner’s monthly auction.

Skinner’s monthly discovery auctions hosted a wide selection of ancient artworks, estate furnishings, decorative objects, rugs, couture, and jewelry. The items dated back to the 18th – 21st-century collection.

Chippendale Shell-carved Cherry High Chest

The County Americana auction hosted multiple notable items like the Chippendale Shell-carved Cherry High Chest. The Chippendale chest is the most sought-after among the 18th-century antique furniture. The items date back to Queen Anne and Chippendale period and therefore was received at a record-breaking price. The Chest was completely refinished with original carving intact. This fine piece of estate furnishing was sold for a high bid of $1968.

Pair of Enameled Porcelain and Brass Two-light Sconces

Another prime example of the French fine craftsmanship and design was the  Pair of Enameled Porcelain and Brass Two-light Sconces from the late 19th century or early 20th century. They were hand-painted with New York State and United States seals and signed “L. Ernie”. The hand-painted and hand-polychromed porcelain with the intricate design is definitely well-recognized and adds to the charm.  It had a bid estimate of around $ 2,000-3,000 and was sold for the top bid of $4,613. The item did have some wear and tear but had the maximum number of bids.

Six Pieces of Rose Medallion Porcelain Tableware

The Asian art culture collection hosted affordable Porcelain tableware items like Six Pieces of Rose Medallion Porcelain Tableware sold for $ 338. The Chinese porcelain dates back to the 16th century. It is said that until the 20th century, only the Chinese had access to the beautiful porcelain. Chinese Rose Medallion marks the beginning of the export of Chinese porcelain. The poly-chromed enameled pieces have a recognizable pattern and consist of a central medallion that depicts a bird of a peony.  

Other porcelain ware included the fancy and elegant Eighteen Chinese Export Porcelain Fish Dishes which were estimated to be sold for $100 to $ 150. The final bid of $ 308 pulled the item off the table after 13 competitive bids.

Four Ottoman Embroideries

The Four Ottoman Embroideries from Turkey dating back to the 19th century were the most sought after item in the couture and textile category. It was sold for $369.

Other sold items from the same category included the  Sunburst Medallion with Potted Rose Four-color Woven Coverlet and the Appliqued Cotton “Princess Feather” Quilt.

Serab Rug

The Serab Rug from northwestern Iran, dating back to 1920 was another eye-catching item in the furnishings section. These rugs come from the home of skilled tribal weavers of Serab. These elegant pieces are most sought after for light and classy interiors. It was sold for $246.

Rocky Coast

Marshall Johnson (American, 1850-1921) Rocky Coast signed “MARSHALL JOHNSON-” is an oil canvas in surface grime condition and was sold for $ 800. Johnson’s paintings are popular for the elegant picturization of marine and atmospheric beauty with realistic details. The artist’s paintings are well received throughout the world. The painting comes from the provenance of a private Massachusetts collection.

Framed American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Child

Other artworks included Framed American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Child, possibly of the Prior-Hamblin school, of the 19th– century. It was sold for $ 1169. The Prior-Hamblin School portraits cannot be accounted for the individual artists as there are many paintings which are unsigned and thus have a deep unknown history making them a rare collectible in the art collection.

Fifteen Sponge ware Ceramic Items

Other notable items included the Fifteen Sponge ware Ceramic Items estimated to be sold around $ 400-600.These ceramic kitchen wares were sold at the top price of $1046. With the hand-painted design, spongeware has been in pottery since it was developed in the 1750s and was traditionally created on earthenware.

A total of 552 items were on exhibit in the Skinner’s monthly discovery auction. The collection included fine arts, decorative arts, furniture, Asian works of art, watches, and clocks, Couture and textiles, automobiles and various other collectibles. From the total of 552 items, 502 items were sold from various categories.

The Skinner’s monthly Discovery auctions have a notable and popular feature of low prices and thus are most anticipated auctions among the collectors. The auction house hosts both online and phone bids. It is accessible via The Skinner’s have a reputation of having top-notch experts in various fields to guide you through your queries. The auction house also has a preview facility in-house and also on the web for collectors to explore their collection.  

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