POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions.berlin to show works from over 100 galleries

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Michel Casatignet, Tree and Cloud, 2019, Oil on canvas, 24 x 33 cm, courtesy of Māksla XO & the artist.
Michel Casatignet, Tree and Cloud, 2019, Oil on canvas, 24 x 33 cm, courtesy of Māksla XO & the artist.

BERLIN.- The long-awaited Berlin Art Week is approaching and POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions.berlin announced that more than 100 international galleries will present their most important positions in contemporary and modern art at this year’s editions from September 10 – 13, at Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. In addition, photo basel and the second edition of FASHION POSITIONS will take place simultaneously as special guests.

The spatial expansion to two hangars will enable organizers to implement the necessary security and hygienic measures in a generous manner and at the same time to create the best possible visitor experience. To give you an impression of the shown artistic positions and their quality, organizers have compiled a selection of the presented artists below. The final list of exhibitors will follow soon.

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2020
In her paintings the artist Franziska Maderthaner shown by Brennecke Fine Art at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair weaves representational and abstract expressionist elements together. Her colour shades and radical painting gestures merge into bodies, still lifes and objects or scenes of everyday culture. In her art works, abstraction and representationalism are not mutually excluding, but complementing and supporting each other in many different ways.

Hilgemann Art shows, among others, works by the artist Stephen Wilks, who gained international fame with a stuffed donkey. Wilks carried the stuffed donkey piggyback through the city – the man dragged the beast of burden. Funny and thoughtful photos were taken and soon the artist sent his stuffed donkey around the globe. Wilks always felt a fundamental fascination for anthropomorphically associated iconography. The historical donkey, or the donkey as beast of burden, is a typical multi-layered iconic image. His works always play ironically with melancholy and criticism.

Young positions and promotion of young talents
Virtuously painted, strangely familiar and yet mysterious objects made of patterned and folded fabrics, hair and many other materials are characteristic motifs of Mona Ardeleanu’s paintings. The artist is one of 53 selected positions in the large museum exhibition series “Jetzt! Young Painting in Germany” and will present a new series of works at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair at Galerie Thomas Fuchs.

ARTCO Gallery from Cape Town/Berlin shows, among other, works of the young artist and activist Imraan Christian. His documentation of the student uprising of 2015/2016 in South Africa brought his work international recognition. With a special focus on the themes of decolonisation and innovation, the artist is making his way through the art world and has already worked with organisations such as UNICEF, CNN, BBC World Services, Vogue and MTV. His artwork has been part of the art programme Constitution Hill Heritage in Johannesburg 2018.

In addition, the annual special exhibition Academy POSITIONS by Berlin Hyp will take place again, giving young, emerging students and graduates of German art schools an opportunity to present their work to a broad art-interested public at an international art fair and as part of Berlin Art Week for the first time. The aim is to provide the artists with important contacts to gallery owners, curators and collectors, to facilitate the transition to artistic independence and to gain initial experience on the art market.

paper positions.berlin
The young artist Alice Quaresma, shown at paper positions.berlin by Patrick Heide Contemporay Art from London, experiments with the physicality of photography. By painting and drawing over the photographic paper, the fragility and limitation of the material is revealed and broken through, at the same time.

The Curve presents two series of works by the artist Guy Vording. “How Not To Live In Suburbia”(2016-2017), for example, consists of images found in American lifestyle magazines from the early 1950s. Fascinated by the everyday and simple life in the suburbs, Vording interrupts the quiet idyll by adding abstract drawings with ink and pigmented ink and gives the careless moment a new and oppressive feeling.

In her artistic practice, the artist Yana Ar explores the medium of drawing. A new complex of works, which will also be shown at paper positions.berlin at Almacén from Tel Aviv, works with the research of burial rites, the development of memorial architecture, contemporary monuments and memory. The artist also deals with “In-Year-Face-Theater”, political and provocative plays.

The Irish-British painter and installation artist Michael Craig-Martin, presented by DavisKlemmGallery, is one of the key players in the first generation of British conceptual artists. In the late 1970s, Craig-Martin began to outline everyday objects in simple lines with a fine stroke, thus developing his artistic language. His works can be found in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate Gallery and the Centre Pompidou.

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