Back in Time with Antique Toys from Pook & Pook with Noel Barrett

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Ready to go back in time ? The rare and antique toys auctioned only online by Pook & Pook Inc. with Noel Barrett is sure to instantly transport the mind back to one’s younger, more jovial days. Tracing back to when and where one’s fascination with toys began would be deemed impossible, but keeping up with it does seem possible. Just looking at them evokes the child inside, even in the most modern day-tech savvy adults who are used to playing with virtual rather than physical toys. Having one just for admiration seems enough, but when its available and this affordable to own or even play with, why not?

All-time favorites like the battery operated Schuco tin Mercedes doesn’t go unnoticed. It is an all-red eye catching Elektro Hydro-Car 5720 Mercedes convertible. There is more, the seat lifts to reveal transmission, it comes with some accessories and the original box.

A similarly intriguing one among vehicles is a JapaneseYonezawa tin lithograph battery operated, Electro Special race car . It’s worth is estimated at $400-$600 and comes with its very own driver !  

Another childhood favorite comes in red too, this time a C.M. Bergman Simon & Halbig bisque head the doll, with cherub face, beautifully painted eyebrows and fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth and even pierced ears. The wood body is ball jointed and the doll holds her own plush teddy bear. Doll lover or not, it is a heart-warming, huggable delight.

With over 600 items, the range of the collectibles offers something for everyone. From Bennington marbles to Japanese airplanes, from Anne Shirley and German bisque head dolls to American aluminum and wood Tarpon submarine, these are genuinely the most sort after  classic items that are being auctioned online in recent times. Each seems like a rare find, that has aged beautifully, to remind the gazer of their uniqueness, their untold story. Even more so in this era where making toys is no longer thought of as a craft, and taking care of them is more of a chore than pleasure.

The auction by Pook & Pook Inc. with Noel Barrett starts this Saturday, February 9 on Bidsquare. Pook & Pook Inc. are auctioneers and appraisers of antiques who have teamed up with the “King of toy auctions”, Noel Barrett to bring high value collectibles for the toy enthusiasts.

The pair of Pook & Pook are simply the leaders in the world when it comes to their knowledge of a variety of prized collectibles, also available online. The jolly Noel Barrett is well known for his infectious love of antique toys. He has also been featured in PBS’s TV series like Antiques Roadshow featuring Mark L. Walberg.

Resisting is also made tough with the sort of deal that can be struck online in this auction. Seems hard to believe at first, but makes sense when you understand who the auctioneers are. They are known for creating optimal auction experience for buyers and sellers alike. One can only wish the bidders good luck with getting the toy they fancy. Reap benefits from this “Online Only” auction with bidding facilities round the clock, good luck !

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