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Imagine being a part of an auction so huge that includes great artworks of eminent artists ranging from Marc Chagall to Charles Bragg. The exquisite pieces of art, photograph and sculpture being auctioned by Creighton-Davis Gallery on 10th April, 2019 will guarantee an experience into the world that transcends time and space. Creighton-Davis comprises a collection of artworks from fine individual works and rare collections. So you might ask…

Who are the artisans behind the brush strokes of these beautiful artworks? What is the history carried by the paintings? What are the most intriguing items among the catalogue?

These are a few questions we’d love to help you out with in this review:

Walking Cat from the “Cats” suite

This painting is a creation of an influential Dutch painter, Karel Appel. The painting illustrates figurative abstractions. In broader term, the painting is an abstract art that holds elements of the real world as their focused subject. This extraordinary item in the collection employs eloquent colors and forms. Unlike many other painters, ‘children’ where what inspired the artist. He found his voice through denying the sophisticated and strict rules in the painting. He believed that painting is an emotion full of truth and to paint is to sabotage what existed in the past, rather than just fill colors in a paper. He strove to build a piece of life. He loved the way kids don’t spend too long thinking about picture or what colors they’re going to use and just use their instincts. You might even interpret that the painting looks somewhat childish. But that’s the whole point. It is free of any constricted boundaries that the world generally expects to see. Karel Appel liked his paintings to be a space where he could simply express through colors.

He implies that everyone should use just their instincts. What do you think of the peculiar creatures he has painted?

Crawford, Earl Stetson, American 1877-1965

Similarly, the above astounding piece of art is the work of Earl Crawford. We can see that the artwork consists of a woman and child on Village Street moving along with their everyday life. The artist has drawn this piece with pencil colors. Although, if we look closer, he has added a touch of watercolor in his work. The artist has used many shades of vivid tones that depicts the sight of a small village.

Crawford had an undying love for painting landscapes. He enjoyed capturing the essence of the place and smearing the beauty over his canvas. Crawford’s eye for catching the details

shows his mastery in art as well as architecture. We could feel the warmth of the place just by glaring at his painting. His art are well known for deriving the element of mystic and symbolism.

Corning, Merv, American 1926-2006

Another impressive piece in the auction is the creation of Southern Californian contemporary artist, Merv Corning. He is well known for his paintings that comes under variety of mediums; from watercolors to original lithographs. This is one of his radiant work depicting sports.

Corning wanted the freedom to paint the things he found most joy in, such as still life, people and sports. In the painting, he has balanced the dark with vibrant colors in such a way that they make for one of the most tasteful canvases in the collection.

Condo, George, American b. 1957

This very odd yet intriguing painting grabs the attention in almost an instant. It has such affect, dent it? The reason behind it is because it is not a painting that we come across very often in the art world. Basically, it is a depiction of a cartoon character.

George Condo is a celebrated artist who has proven to be bold for using child-like methods of expression. He has faced many difficulties in his life as a painter as his art does not meet the common stereotypical standards. However, he enjoys using cartoon figures to express himself. He explains that cartoons are personification of individuals. They are an imitation of an actual person.

Furthermore, he presumes the interpreter or the viewer to be the one who decides what the artwork is about. Cartoon is a bizarre weapon against the concept of our culture. He argues that unlike other paintings, it will open up the perspective of looking at things, along with that, the viewers can also get a kick out of it.

Barrett, Mary, American 20th C.

Mary Barret is not an artist who remained un-noticed all these years. She is an exceptional artist who does not need to travel afar in search of inspiration. She admires even the most ordinary subjects and the life in it.

The subject in her paintings are never carefully arranged to draw but rather are a part of her everyday life. She has cautiously acknowledged the relation between her subject and other things lying close to them. Hence most of her creations are not only painted, but are lived. The painting comprises of daily items, however, they are not dull. The painting has vibrant colors and are well put together.

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