Morton’s Weekly Auction Creates Impression With Antique Furniture And Action Figure Collection

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Morton Subastas auctions are held every week portraying a vivid collection of arts, home décor to antique collectibles. The auction house has a reputation for selling mishmash of both modern and ancient time periods. Morton Subastas is a reputed name among auction houses in Mexico with buyers across the world. The auction house provides complete assistance pre and post auction. The expertise associated with all their collectibles is what makes Morton’s auctions a big success.

The Morton’s weekly auction held on 16 March 2019 was an exclusive one on bidsquare. The auction featured 300 collectibles which belonged to different genres. It included different categories like antique and design furniture, jewelry, rare collectibles, wines, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The Morton’s weekly auction is claimed to be the best place to start your antique collections.

The recent weekly auction was dominated by the bids of furniture belonging to different time periods and was bid the highest among other collectibles. Ancient sculptures, modern figures, and porcelain ware also ranked among the top bid items after furniture.

Bedroom. SXX. In cedar wood carving

The most highlighting and sought after furniture item was the beautiful wood carved bedroom furniture set origins of which were not known. Bedroom. SXX. In cedar wood carving. It consisted of a headboard with a footboard, stool, chair, dresser, 2 bureaus, wardrobe, and table. The entire set was in good condition and was auctioned off for MXN$57,600.

The Secretary

Also, among the other sought after top furniture items included the secretary desks from the 20th century. Secretary desks have been a major part of the antique furnishings and it formed the major part of household furniture. These desks were the largest among different forms of desks and could be easily disassembled. The Secretary, made of veneered wood carving with a rectangular marble cover, 5 drawers and folding door with drawers was sold for MXN$40,800. The item also had a large number of bids associated with it.

Another version of the 20th century secretary chest with Italian origin was sold for MXN$26,400. The original Firenze brand chest was carved in veneered wood and was decorated with gold embellishments.

European origin Louis XV style Chaise Longue

The other furniture item which was appreciated by a lot of bidders was the European origin Louis XV style Chaise Longue. The Loius XV period furniture has the unique identity of curved forms and asymmetric comfort designs. The jewelry and furniture of this period are devoid of lines and symmetric patterns and dominated by curves and light furnishings. The wood carved Chaise Longue with linear pink color upholstery and Cabrio type supports forms an excellent piece of antique furnishing. This fine piece of furnishing was sold for MXN$20,400.

Collection of 20th century US classic movie character and famous artists

Sculptures and figures were also sold at some top prices.  A collection of 20th century US classic movie character and famous artists was among the rare collectible items on display. The 7 polypropylene figures were accompanied by dresses and wigs. The 20th-century toys were dominated by a variety of propylene dolls with some famous names like Barbie. This collection was sold for MXN$19,200 and the figures were in excellent condition.

The Prince Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) sculpture / figure

Sculptures of different era’s and origins were also up for bids in the Morton Subastas auction. It included a fiberglass sculpture with a stone finish of the eastern origin. The Prince Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) sculpture / figure was sold for MXN$13,200. The Buddhist art dates back to the 1st century and spread to different parts of Asian continents. During the 6th to 5th century BCE, Buddhist art was highly influenced by the historical life of Siddharta Gautama.

Pair of ladies with a torch made in bronze

Similarly, Bronze sculptures also dominated 20th-century sculptures. A lot of revolutions were made in the field of sculptures from design to use of materials. A similar sculpture of the European origin was on the lot 159. The Pair of ladies with a torch made in bronze and assembled on a red marble base with claw-like support and was sold off at MXN$19,200.

A rare collectible Nymph with the harp of 20th-century European origin made in Biscuit type porcelain was sold for MXN$18,000.

Eastern origin 20th-century Vase

Furthermore, in rare collectibles, an Eastern origin 20th-century Vase was sold for MXN$10,800. The porcelain made vase had various highlighting features. It was hand painted with natural elements and embellished with gold enamel, floral, vegetable and zoomorphic elements.

Pair of earrings and pair of silver-palladium earrings with 3 pearls and diamonds

Vintage Jewelry also stole the heart of many connoisseurs. Consisting of pearls and diamonds assembled in palladium few fine pieces were sold at top prices. Pair of earrings and pair of silver-palladium earrings with 3 pearls and diamonds were sold at MXN$5,760. The 3 cultured pearls of 9 mm white color and 69 diamond accents is a beautiful piece and makes a classic combination.

Vintage earrings with diamonds in palladium silver

Another pair of vintage earrings with diamonds in palladium silver was sold for MXN$4,560. The bright piece of danglers consisted of 10 brilliant cut diamonds of 0.36ct and weighed 3.2 g.

From the total collection of 300 items, only 85 items were sold while 215 items are still available for purchase online. The bid was accessible in person, on phone and online. All the post-auction facilities are provided by Morton Subastas auction house. They have a dedicated shipping facility available 24×7 to escort you. Auction preview facility is also provided by the house. The major advantage of the weekly auction by Morton Subastas is the availability of rare collectibles at affordable prices, thus making it accessible to a new collector.

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