Montmartre in 1890: Louis Anquetin and His Model

La Gazette Drouot
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Louis Anquetin painted this portrait during his most inventive and desirable period, “Cloisonnism”. It breathes new life into Juliette Vary, one of the most popular models in fin-de-siècle Paris. Louis Anquetin (1861–1932), Torse de jeune fille (Torso of a Young Woman), oil on canvas, signed and dated 1890, 76 x 59 cm/29.92 x 23.22 in. Estimate: €800,000/1 M Like many young painters of his generation, in the late 1880s Louis Anquetin went to Montmartre for inspiration, an everything-goes place where bourgeois conventions were snubbed. Apprentice painters, dancers and well-heeled people in search of excitement mingled at the Moulin-Rouge and the cabarets that

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