Martin Lawrence Galleries In Lahaina, Maui, Presents A Collection By Many Of The Greatest Artists Of The 20th Century.

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Maui’s premier fine art gallery celebrates the spirit, vision, and genius of extraordinary artists Picasso, Chagall and Dalí from March 1st-31st 2020

MAUI, HI, USA, March 2, 2020 / — Pablo PicassoMarc Chagall, and Salvador Dalí hardly need an introduction. These iconic modern artists captured the public’s interest and imagination, and to this day, each remains a touchstone for what the finest 20th-century art is all about.

Marc Chagall, Lovers in Bouquet of Dahlias, 1971, watercolor, tempera, pastel, color pencil and pencil on heavy vellum paper,image size/ 24 x 19

Beginning March 1st, Martin Lawrence Galleries on Front Sreet in Lahaina will be presenting breathtaking masterworks by these artists, including Chagall’s Amoureux au bouquet de dahlias, Dali’s Caracol de Mar and Picasso’s Ô Pamplemousses (Corps Perdu)

“My hands were too soft. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life”. Marc Chagall

“Art is about imagination. When you look at a picture from Salvador Dali, that’s about imagination. When you look at Picasso, that’s about imagination. Doing stuff from your heart”.”— LL Cool J

A scene of quiet solitude, some of Chagall’s most famous and striking symbolic references are seen here in “Amoureux au bouquet de dahlias.” No stranger to paintings with lovers and details referencing fertility, a part of this piece that differentiates is the central focus of the flowers. Beautiful red and yellow dahlias swing relaxed in a vase, instead of bringing the couple to the center of attention. Perhaps this center of focus reflects the beauty of a moment, where the sun hits in the room. By bringing the flowers to the center of attention, Chagall concentrates on the raw aspect of love, the intimacy of a moment lying next to a loved one. And as if in Chagall’s headspace, in the top left is the image of a rooster with a figure lying down, suggesting a daydream of Chagall reliving loving memories of home. Set in his iconography, and rooted within his background, Chagall’s references to Vitebsk and religion are always apparent. A perfect work for collectors of the artist’s most popular subject matter – lovers and flowers.

Salvador Dalí,Caracol de Mar, 1976 gouache and ink on cardstock image size/ 10.63 x 8.22

Also included in the exhibition is “Lovers in Bouquet of Dahlias,” a watercolor created in 1971 with, tempera, pastel, color pencil and pencil on heavy vellum paper. Chagall’s originality lay in his very personal synthesis of the influences he seized on from all sides.

“I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait.” Salvador Dali

The rivalry between Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso resulted in some of the 20th century’s most recognizable art. Both artists are regarded as members of the “Spanish Avant-Garde” Dalí’s work entitled “Caracol de Mar,” a gouache and ink on cardstock, depicts a sculptural seashell as a magic toy arising from the sea and an angel caressing a Christmas tree from our dreams.

Caracol de Mar was completed in 1976 and loaned to the Dalí Museum, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation in 2000.

“Art is about imagination. When you look at a picture from Salvador Dali, that’s about imagination. When you look at Picasso, that’s about imagination. Doing stuff from your heart”. LL Cool J

Pablo Picasso Ô Pamplemousse (Corps Perdu, B.662) 1950 engraving with burin image size/ 16 x 12

The Corps Perdu series was created by Picasso to illustrate Aime Cesaire’s book of poetry Corps Perdu (The Lost Body), published in 1950. Picasso, however, also knew Cesaire personally. Picasso and Cesaire met at the World Congress of Intellectuals for Peace in 1948. They discovered a shared interest in politics, art, and some of the ideas underlying surrealism—namely, the idea of a powerful unconscious mind. Picasso’s illustrations in Corps Perdu strive to find the intersection of the African diaspora and Picasso’s art. The engraving with burin was used by printmakers to create sharp, crisp lines on the etching plate, which translated into the same on the printed image.

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