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“I will never die”: is what the artist Salvador Dali said once upon a time. The statement, in fact, remains true considering his monumental fame that has not known death till date. Dali is one of the most acclaimed artists who represented the Surrealist Movement in history. The auction presents his work of art titled “Nine of Pentacles” which is one of the original works to be featured in “Tarot Universal Dali” in 1971. The size of the painting is 31 x 24 cm. Spanish artist, Dali, used gouache, pen, and ink as the means for his painting. He has striven to portray the unseen in his well-crafted work.

This painting expresses that the more one enjoys, the more freedom they acquire to become themselves. Dali’s artwork represents one of the many Tarot cards, where nine of suits is said to be a person who carries a vision and strength even when all the odds are against him/her. The estimated price for this painting is $50,000-$60,000.

Pair Chinese Export Famille Verte chargers

Lot 1305a presents a pair of Chinese porcelain dinner plates with scared objects incorporated in the center. The rims have overlapping borders of Chinese figures and florals, painted in Famille verte enamels including opaque white enamel. The pair is one of a kind ordered at the end of the reign of Kangxi. This magnificent item is from a late order recorded circa 1690. The estimated price for this rare and antique beauty is $8,000-$10,000.

Andy Warhol. “Ingrid Bergman 314 (The Nun)”


Well, before he began to make art for galleries, Andy Warhol was New York’s most successful and highly skilled artist. His magnificent work captures the beauty of the Academy Award-winning actress who played the character of a nun in the movie “The Bells of St. Mary”. The painting “The Nun” was built of three kinds of screen prints in 1983. The artist has added an exhilarating combination of colors where the yellow lines drive attention to her sharp facial features and the makeup she is weaBringing together works by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Robert Motherwell, and James Rosenquist, Alex Cooper’s auction on 25th August 2018 promises to woo the bidders. The sale showcases various other exquisite and alluring items including oriental rugs. Not only that, but it also features decorative arts, such as Asian bronzes, Chinese export porcelain, and clocks along with period and quality reproduction furniture.

Salvador Dali. “Nine of Pentacles,” mixed media



Every bit of the painting is well demonstrated from her blank expression to her hands clasped in prayer. The estimated price for this painting is $30,000-$40,000.

Roy Lichtenstein. “Twin Mirrors,” serigraph


The auction also features the work of one of the influential and inventive artist, Roy Lichtenstein who is celebrated in the world of American Pop Art. He was a pivotal point in the development of pop art due to his appreciation of the aesthetics of popular American culture. Lichtenstein coordinates his strokes with the use of thick lines, flat surface planes, and obscured perspective. Roy Lichtenstein not only assimilates bits of contemporary art theory but also famous print media into his painting. The estimated price for this painting is $8,500-$9,500.

Tibetan thangka of Hayagriva


The thangka painting is mostly composed of many small figures that communicate a message to the viewers. It has a central deity who is surrounded by other associated figures in the painting. The painters need to have expertise and extensive knowledge about religious content in order to paint a thangka. It has an engaging element created by impressive materials and a unique skill that goes into creating an exquisite painting.

Hayagriva is a manifestation of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Hayagriva has many other names such as Yidam or Istadevata. The painting depicts one of the forms of Hayagriva with three faces, six arms, and four legs. His wrath is said to be fierce. Avalokiteshvara’s embodiment is characterized with three eye and bare fangs which makes the deity look ferocious. Hayagriva also appears to be wearing a snake around the neck. The estimated price for this painting is $6,000-$7,000.

Andy Warhol. Butterfly Shoe, lithograph


The painting titled “Butterfly Shoe” was created by the artist we know as Pop-Art Superstar, Andy Warhol. Warhol had a peculiar interest in shoes and feet. During his career, he featured a number of shoe’s paintings that also included mummified foot.

After moving to New York in 1949, he became renowned as the most demanded illustrator of women’s shoes. Working with vibrant colors, like in the following painting, Warhol’s work seems very simple and likable. The painting delineates a silhouetted shoe with repeated butterflies image painted on it. This showcases the technique of screen printing and his delight in painting repetitive images. The estimated price for this painting is $6,000-$8,000.

Marc Chagall. “Le Profil Bleu,” color lithograph


Russian-French artist Marc Chagall has spent years and years painting on an emotional element, rather than on rules of realism. He puts his efforts into leaving the essence of poetry in his work. He intends to celebrate imagination and twist in what we perceive the reality to be.

His painting is a beautiful abstract that is complex yet interesting to the viewer’s mind. His painting, “Le Profil Bleu” was painted with the medium of offset lithograph in colors on Arches paper. The estimated price for this painting is $5,500-$6,500.

Pablo Picasso. “Tournage, Plan Americain,” etching


If you have ever faced the darkness in life, you must have known that it is not easy to find light and hold onto it. However, despite struggling with such feelings the artisan, Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) turned himself into an artistic genius. It is very rare for anyone to not recognize Pablo Picasso, whose influence on art can be measured through his abiding fame that continues to resonate today throughout the world. He used to experiment and test the boundaries of what realism could be.

This extraordinary painting is called “Tournage, Plan Americain“. The medium used here is an original etching with aquatint on wove paper. His imaginative style encompasses abstraction and realism, besides cubism, neo-classicism, surrealism, and expressionism. The estimated price for this painting is $5,500-$6,000.

Besides these wonderful paintings, you can also check out the Chinese silver, jade and hardstone wine vessel and the Pair of Henry Dasson gilt bronze sconces in Louis XVI style. The vast range will give you a chance to explore the best of Alex Cooper collections on Bidsquare.

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