Joie De Viv Launches Eco-friendly Signature Lab-grown Diamond Fine Jewelry Collection

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The celebrated jewelry brand is making a positive impact with its latest collection of fine lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Joie de Viv believes in going above and beyond the industry standards when it comes to sourcing our materials ethically and responsibly.
Joie de Viv believes in going above and beyond the industry standards when it comes to sourcing our materials ethically and responsibly.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, August 26, 2020 / — Joie De Viv has launched its signature collection of lab-grown diamond fine jewelry. Expertly crafted to meet the growing demand for more affordable and diamond jewelry designed with eco-friendly, sustainable, socially responsible, and conflict-free diamonds, Joie De Viv is carving a new and positive path in a highly saturated and immensely destructive fine jewelry industry.

“Joie De Viv’s lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, optically, thermally, and visually identical to mined diamonds, but leave a significantly smaller environmental footprint,” says Vivian Weyll, founder Joie De Viv. “We’re ecstatic to bring jewelry lovers this exciting new offering when they go searching for engagement rings or fine diamond jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds are a high-tech innovation and a luxury product that we firmly believe will not only play a growing role in the consumer marketplace but also have a positive and lasting impact on the environment,” she added.

Weyll, a serial entrepreneur with 13+ years of experience founding and running 7-8 figure companies and designing hand-crafted fine jewelry, says the promising opportunity in this new frontier of diamond technology is what inspired her to create the collection. “We know that mines cause significant ecological damage and violate countless human rights,” she says. “What better time to reorient the jewelry industry and capitalize on the many advances the lab-grown diamond industry has made in producing some of the highest quality diamonds on earth.” Weyll, who has had an exciting varied career in several different industries, believes lab-grown gems’ affordability, accessibility, beauty, purity, and sustainability, along with their many other great qualities, is a win-win for people and the planet.

Along with selling lab-grown diamonds pieces, the Joie De Viv jewelry offerings include a wide array of precious and semi-precious designs in the latest styles and boasts such timeless favorites as diamond stud and hoop earrings, circle and solitaire pendants, colorful tennis bracelets, and diamond hoop necklaces. Joie De Viv will soon also be offering one-of-a-kind pieces and custom-design services to meet the ever-growing demand for personalization among today’s jewelry buyers.

Joie De Viv’s signature diamond pieces all feature lab-grown diamonds that are meticulously cut and polished to a sparkling finish by leading diamond-cutting experts around the world and are IGI-certified. Beautifully crafted into stunning jewels by Joie De Viv jewelers in both Miami and Los Angeles, the Joie De Viv collection is designed with unparalleled attention to detail, and most designs are available in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold made entirely from reclaimed and recycled metals.

20%-30% less expensive than mined diamonds and available in a variety of colors, Joie De Viv’s diamonds range from D-H color and are VS+ clarity, using the globally accepted standards for diamond color, cut, and clarity. Joie De Viv is also fully compliant with U.S. and international government disclosure rules for lab-grown diamonds. True to its core mission of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Joie De Viv also thoroughly vets all of its suppliers to ensure each and every material they use is ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

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About Joie De Viv

Founded in 2019 by Brazilian born designer Vivian Weyll, Joie De Viv is a new fine jewelry brand that is elegantly reinventing how the world shines with versatile and interchangeable pieces that combine semi-precious and precious gemstones and reclaimed materials. Working towards creating new industry standards and ending damaging cycles, Joie De Viv is dedicated to disrupting a $200+ billion jewelry industry by making some of the most beautiful, sustainable, and timeless pieces through sustainability initiatives that provide lasting positive change. Prices ranging from $60-$4,999.00, Joie De Viv is available globally at

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