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Flying with a Flower. Author Bennu, 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2019.
Flying with a Flower. Author Bennu, 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2019.

NEW YORK, NY.- Bennu’s paintings are filled with positive energy. The artist’s unique style is distinguished by its color, unusual and complex imagination. If you carefully examine the abstract paintings of Bennu, you can see hidden images: mysterious faces, mysterious figures, fantastic landscapes ..

Each time, creating a picture, the artist Bennu is looking for something new. He is experimenting. Bennu’s paintings are abstract expressionism, minimalism, symbolism. Bennu has his own personal style that sets him apart from other contemporary artists.

Despite their external simplicity, they contain the philosophical thoughts of the artist about the meaning of life, love, compassion, happiness, freedom of the human person, the pursuit of dreams, which is reflected in the combination of color, brushstrokes, shapes, composition, name.

The artist creates his works, not knowing what will come out in the end. Pictures themselves tell him when to stop. Bennu’s paintings arise without any methods and formulas.

Painting itself is a different form of thinking. This is a creative process when the artist is in a completely different dimension. As if thoughts in the process of creating work come from space.

Emotions permeate the artist’s work, and this charge of light can be felt by the audience. Photos of paintings do not convey all their beauty and expression.

If you want to invest in contemporary art, pay attention to this original artist. You can simply visit the sites of famous auctions of modern painting and get acquainted with the sold works of artists. And you may unexpectedly notice that Bennu’s work has significant investment potential, which is based on the uniqueness of his work.

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