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I See Future Auction
ENDS: Monday, September 20th, 2021 @ 5 PM EST

I See Future Auction
I See Future Auction


Due to the popular demand the duration of this collection is extended for an extra week.

We have something special for you in store for the first collection of the Fall of 2021.

For the first time on Phi and for the third time among all auction houses, we offer works of the visionaries that shape the future of the arts. This is a unique moment in arts history, never seen since the beginning of the XX century: we witness not just a new movement or style, but the new direction, abruptly broadened toolbox of the expressive devices.

NFTs is a field, where reputations are built NOW, and we have the unique opportunity to offer you works, based on their aesthetic value and choices of live buyers and spectators rather than art critics and history. Start your crypto art collection now or expand the existing one with some exceptional pieces, by artists, already successful on crypto markets and offered for the first time by auction houses.

The separate group of works is a selection of pieces, creating a bridge between traditional art and NFT: the works that offer a physical asset (so called “unlockable”) with a digital art piece, making the lot best of both worlds, as well as works of artists, whose reputation is already solidified in the traditional art world, and who decided to join the NFT movement. We offer both in I See Future. The NFT part of this collection truly is a congress of visionaries, who shape the future of art now. Make sure to be a part of this process.


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