Dürer the Humanist and Biegas the Demoniacal

La Gazette Drouot
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The master of printmaking and the sculptor of the uncanny came together for a meditation on humanity. Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), Adam and Eve or The Fall of Man, 1504, burin engraving on copper, ox-head filigree with triangle and flower (M 62), print cut at the edge of the square line, 24.8 x 19.1 cm/9.76 x 7.52 in.Result: €153,600 This burin engraving by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) is a proof of the third and final state of one of his most famous subjects, Adam and Eve. Standing out as one of the most complex images in the artist’s printed work, it illustrates his virtuosity.

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