Bonhams to offer five Asian art sales in September and October

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A rare 16th century lacquered leather mask for a horse. Est: US$20,000–30,000. Photo: Bonhams.
A rare 16th century lacquered leather mask for a horse. Est: US$20,000–30,000. Photo: Bonhams.

NEW YORK, NY.- This September and October, Bonhams will present a series of five Asian Art sales between New York and Hong Kong. Featuring a wide array of rare works spanning centuries of Asian artistry and ingenuity, the five sales comprise: Elegant Embellishments on 21 September (New York), Chinese Paintings and Works of Art on 21 September (New York), Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art on 23 September (New York), Fine Japanese and Korean Art on 24 September (New York) and Images of Devotion on 5 October (Hong Kong).

Elegant Embellishments
Monday 21 September, New York

The sale of Elegant Embellishments features Chinese embellishments spanning more than 2,000 years of history. Among the 63 lots are gold, silver and bronze accessories such as hair ornaments, earrings, necklaces, bangles, ‘ear cups’, belt hooks and mat weights, as well as other early decorations rarely found on the market. The first 50 lots come from the RenLu collection, collected over 25 years by the well-known designer, Robert Kuo of Los Angeles. Highlights encompass dynasties, including a fine and rare inlaid bronze garment hook, Warring States/Western Han period (est: $20,000–30,000), a pair of gold bracelets (est: US$ 8,000–12,000) from Song dynasty, which took inspirations from the natural world; and a pair of gold ‘figural’ earring pendants (est: US$8,000–12,000).

Chinese Paintings and Works of Art
Monday 21 September, New York

The sale of Chinese Paintings and Works of Art features more than 150 lots, representing works from a variety of collecting categories including sculpture, ceramics, paintings, jade carvings, and furniture. Highlights include a fine and rare parcel-gilt silver dish, Tang Dynasty (est: US$200,000–300,000), a rare marble torso of the Buddha, Tang Dynasty (est: US$200,000–300,000), Qi Baishi’s Narcissus, Rock And Quail (est: US$80,000–120,000), a massive Sancai glazed pottery figure of a camel, Tang Dynasty (est: US$80,000–120,000); and a rare imperial gilt-lacquered bronze ‘phoenix’ vase, Qianlong mark and of the period (est: US$70,000–100,000).

Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art
Wednesday, 23 September, New York

The sale of Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art once again presents a selection of fine works from the prestigious Nyingjei Lam Collection, led by a silver and copper inlaid brass figure of Drakpa Gyaltsen, Tsang, Central Tibet, 15th century (est: US$80,000–120,000). Created with a lustrous brassy alloy and embellished with delicate patterns, this sculpture of Drakpa Gyaltsen (1147-1216) – a revered teacher and scholar of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism – is among the finest portraits from the region of Tsang in Central Tibet, and is accompanied by a beautifully composed inscription along its foot rim. Another important highlight from the sale is a gilt copper alloy figure of Maitreya, Khasa Malla, 13th/14th century (est: US$400,000–600,000). An exceptional bronze for its size and clear refinement, this sculpture depicts Maitreya – the bodhisattva of loving kindness – seated languidly on an exquisitely modelled blooming lotus, with his right hand raised to reassure his followers.

Fine Japanese and Korean Art
Thursday, 24 September, New York

The Fine Japanese and Korean sale will offer more than 200 lots of prints, paintings, ceramics and works of arts of the samurai. The print section will be led by the rare and early work – Yuami (Woman at the bath) (est: US$15,000–20,000) by Hashiguvchi Goyo (1880–1921) and a selection of watercolours and accompanying prints by Paul Jacoulet (1896–1960). Spotlighting the section of arts of the samurai is an iron folding suit of armour with red-lacquer tengu mask (est: US$50,000–70,000), and a rare 16th century lacquered leather mask for a horse (est: US$20,000–30,000; imaged second right). A collection of swords from the late Izuka Kunio, New York-based painter and authority on swords and sword fittings, will be on offer as well, including a rare 13th-century Ayanokoji tachi attributed to Sadtoshi (est: US$23,000–35,000). Korean highlights include an outstanding white porcelain 18th century Korean moon flask from a private Japanese collection (est: US$80,000–120,000), and a charming group of Korean furniture from the late Kim Moonhi, such as a bandai woodchest (est: US$4,000–5,000).

Images of Devotion
Monday, 5 October, Hong Kong

Closely following the New York sale on 23 September, Bonhams will present Images of Devotion in Hong Kong, offering more than 60 lots of Himalayan, Indian and Southeast Asian art, including a gilt copper alloy figure of Shakyamuni Buddha, Tibet, 16th century (est: HK$650,000–850,000). Under the patronage of the Yongle Emperor, a new ornate sculptural aesthetic was developed by Tibetan artists to suit the Chinese taste, as this work from the pinnacle of Tibetan art perfectly captures: the rounded countenance, the broad shoulder and the solid earlobes. Another important highlight is a gold and silver damascened iron Kapala Danda, Derge, Eastern Tibet, Derge, 15th century (est: HK$300,000–500,000). This sceptre is famously held in the raised right hand of Yama Dharamaraja, who subdues Death, and is a rare ritual implement symbolising the conquer over Death and end to karmic predispositions. Demonstrating the incredible skills of the artist, the faceted shaft of the danda is damascened with alternating spiralling bands of gold and silver foliate scrolls. Similar examples can be found in the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum.

Preview and bidding will be done in accordance with the latest government guidelines. This includes the option, when necessary, of an appointment-only preview and a ‘behind-closed-doors’ auction, where an auctioneer will be present on the rostrum, and bids will be accepted in the following formats: online, on the phone, or by leaving an absentee bid.

Additional Asian art sales will take place at Bonhams throughout November and December.

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