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Bidsquare was launched during September 2014 with the purpose of delivering authentic and convenient auction facilities to the aficionados. Bidsquare is a modern online bidding platform with a vision to provide exceptional access to authentic, rare and historic fine art along with antiques and timeless pieces.

Today, Bidsquare is an active community consisting of dealers, auction houses, and collectors in the art and auction world. The auction fanatics get access to diverse types of genuine relics on this website. The website works with several auction houses and has sold some remarkable items for them at decent prices. The bidders also get the opportunity of real-time bidding on the website.

Outstanding Features which Bidsquare offers

There are some outstanding features that the website offers to customers. They are:

Live Auction Bidding: Online bidding has become easier with the Bidsquare website. A bidder bids for an item live while it takes place. The website also provides the opportunity to a bidder to deliver an absentee bid while being absent. In such cases, the platform bids for the bidder.

Access to condition reports: The bidders can request a condition report for any item via the website. Knowledge of the condition of various items ensures a perfect auction procedure.

Instant Buying: The website features an option for the buyers to buy any item at a fixed price. One can take the instant buying option to avoid bidding for an item.

Personalized watch list: A bidder can make a personalized catalog for the items to bid for in the website. This enhances the accessibility for the buyer.

Growth of Bidsquare

Since Bidsquare started its journey, it worked with different leading auction houses and dealers. Some prominent auction houses are Cowan’s, Brunk, Pook & Pook, Rago, Skinner and Leslie Hindsman.

The online platform also works with Wright, Stair, Wexler, Fortuna, JamesDJuliya, Coeur d’ Alene, Todd Merrill, and Palm Beach Auctions.

With bids worth more than $500M, Bidsquare has grown manifold. It has also helped over 100 dealers and elite auction houses to place their products among the worldwide audience ensuring sales.

Bidsquare has developed this repute as it puts diversified items in the auctions. There are more than 15 item categories available on the website. Rare paintings and figures, classic and modern furniture and even scientific items are widely auctioned on the website. Thus, users get a lot of interesting products to choose from. The auction houses get the benefit to put different items in a large pool of bidders, thus, a quicker sale is expected.

The business of the website has already experienced growth over 250% after Bidsqaure was launched., the UK based online auction platform tied-up with Bidsquare in August 2015 elevating the audience base of the company.

Some leading items sold on Bidsqaure website

A number of items comprising of hefty selling prices are already sold by the website. The items include the following:

The Chinese Archaistic Aubergine Glazed Porcelain Censer and a Chinese Yellow Glazed Bowl were sold for $192,000 in a premier auction.

A set of Four Hairpins and a Kingfisher Feather Headdress was sold by $110,700 and a Platinum and Diamond Ring was also sold at $145,200 via the website.

Premier Auction sales on Bidsquare

The website always helps auction houses gain outstanding profits. The Sotheby Spring 2019 Hong Kong Auction ended up at US$482 million. The categories of items included the Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Asian Paintings and Fine Classical paintings.

The website also sold the remarkable painting, ‘A Close Call’ by William R. Leigh at a price of $1,120,000. Coeur d’ Alene was the auction house that delivered the item. This was a painting that made the auction house cross the $1M milestone for a single item.

In another Coeur d’Alene Art Auction of 2017, the painting, ‘Rustle of Mice’ by Bob Kuhn was sold at $83,300. This provided the auction house with a decent profit.  

Other Items sold in the same auction were ‘Bedside’ by Dean Cornwell and ‘The Pitcher and the Well’ by W.H.D Koemer. Both these items were sold to an online bidder at $50,757 and $47,600 respectively.  

The Brunk auction house got a remarkable sale of $1.84 million in the second premier auction in 2018.  The color etching, ‘Park Palace’ by Wayne Thiebaud was sold at $19,680 in the auction to a Bidsquare bidder.

In the same Brunk Auction, the 55/121 lots of rare jewelry was sold for a lump sum total of $296,557. A bidder from the website bought the Platinum and Diamond Bracelet at $27,060 which was far above from the estimated price.

Thus, the contribution of Bidsqaure in the global auction marketplace is remarkable. If you are new in this field and want to understand how the auction works, Bidsquare provides you with an overview along with all the help and technical support. Once you sign up as a buyer, you can also subscribe to their personalized e-mailer which will keep you updated with all the happenings on the website.

It also helps the dealers and auction houses to put their items in exclusive catalogs. These catalogs help the bidders to go through all the items in a lucid manner. The reason why the website has lately grown excellently is because of the enriched network of personal dealers who provide luxurious items for auction.      

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