Barry, a 150-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Goes Under the Hammer

La Gazette Drouot
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After Big Sara the Allosaurus in 2020,  Big John the Triceratops in 2021 and Zephyr the Iguanodon last year, Barry and its well-shaped head will kick off the show at Drouot. Expert Iacopo Briano explains everything. Upper Jurassic (150-145 million BCE), Morrison formation, Tithonian, Crook County, Wyoming (United States), “Barry”, Iguanodontia, Camptosaurus sp., 210 x 150 x 500 cm/82.67 x 59.05 x 196.85 in. Estimate: €800,000/1,200,000© Vincent Girier Dufournier / Giquello / Drouot Discovered in the early 2000s in Crook County, Wyoming, a Camptosaurus known as Barry, 80% of whose original bones are preserved, was first assembled in standing position. For over 20 years the skeleton belonged to a famous American neuroscientist and

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