Autumn in Seoul Begins With Seoul Art Week This September

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Seoul, the capital of South Korea, changes into an art city with the start of autumn. Seoul Art Week, which links various local art events to international art events such as Frieze Seoul (September 6 through 9, 2023) and Kiaf Seoul (September 6 to 10), will be held from September 1 to 10, 2023. Seoul Art Week is intended to give the entire city an art festival atmosphere through art events enjoyed by citizens along with overseas art officials and art lovers visiting Seoul.

Poster for Seoul Art Week. Image courtesy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Poster for Seoul Art Week. Image courtesy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has expressed its willingness to make Seoul Art Week a representative art festival in Seoul. Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Art Week Special Exhibition using public art galleries and museums. The Seoul Museum of Art will link the 12th Seoul Media City Biennale, which will open on September 21, with Seoul Art Week, and hold a preview of the work, conversations with artists, and performances on September 4.

At the pre-event, the Korean artist group ikkibawiKrrr’s Earth Monument and American visual artist Torkwase Dyson’s I Belong to the Distance 3, (Force Multiplier), will be presented to citizens from September 5. IkkibawiKrrr will also present videos and performances exploring the marine ecosystem and sustainable environment under the theme of Jeju Island Haenyeo (female divers) at Frieze Seoul this year. The Seoul Museum of Craft Art will open the Dialog on September 8. Six artists (Yeonsoon Chang, Giho Kim, Kanghyo Lee, Heryun Kim, Suro Hwang, Royal Silk Flower Seoul Lab) will meet with the audience.

In particular, the Seoul Museum of Photography, which will open in the second half of 2024, will also hold a pre-program event called Portfolio, Seoul. Portfolio Review (September 4 to 5), which provides meetings between Korean and overseas photographers, and Archive Lounge (September 4 to 10) where citizens can see the collection of works.

Left: ikkibawiKrrr's Earth Monument. Right: Chi-kyu Kwon’s Finite Forest. Image courtesy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Left: ikkibawiKrrr’s Earth Monument. Right: Chi-kyu Kwon’s Finite Forest. Image courtesy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

At the Open Songhyeon Green Square next to Gyeongbokgung Palace, an outdoor sculpture exhibition titled Over the Ground (September 1 to December 31) will be held. About ten sculptures and installations by four new artists (Hae-young Seo, Jeong-ju Lim, Dong-hee Kim, and Joong-mo Kwon), five senior artists (Dalae Jin and Woo-hyuk Park [joint], Jang-joo Jang, Chi-kyu Kwon, Hong-seok Kim, and Soon-yeol Yang) will be exhibited.

In addition, it adds to the festive atmosphere in connection with large-scale events such as the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (September 1 to October 29), Open Songhyeon Green Square, Seoul Urban Architecture Exhibition Hall, Seoul Fashion Week (September 5 to 9), and Seoul Light DDP 2023 Autumn (September 2 to 10).

Seoul Art Week also provides opportunities for Korean artists to interact with foreign countries. A studio visit program will be prepared to invite overseas art experts to the Nanji Art Creation Studio and the workspace of the artist who moved into the Geumcheon Art Factory. This is expected to be an opportunity for Korean artists to establish a network with global art experts.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects Seoul to establish itself as an Asian art market hub in the long run through Seoul Art Week and increase its urban attractiveness. In addition, K-art is used as an opportunity to spread Korean culture around the world.

“Seoul Art Week will be an opportunity for citizens to enjoy a lot of high-quality art and an opportunity for artists to set the stage for overseas expansion,” said Kyung-joo Choi, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s cultural division. “Starting with Seoul Art Week, we will establish Seoul’s urban brand as a ‘city of art that the world pays attention to,’ and continue to provide various exhibitions and attractions for citizens and overseas visitors.”

Gallery exhibition information and additional event information related to Seoul Art Week can be found on the Seoul Art Week website.

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Jonathan Feel

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