Art for healing a wounded city Beirut: Borderless Charity Exhibition and Online Auction

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BEIRUT , LEBANON , November 6, 2020 / — The devastating August 4, 2020, Beirut Blast not only destroyed a vast part of the Lebanese capital city but also shattered the lives of thousands of its citizens. Many of them, to date, still suffer from homelessness and physical wounds, and dread facing the coming winter. Lebanon’s ADLC (Ambassadors of Citizenship) association took the initiative to put art at the service of a humanitarian cause and of a new vision for the future of the city. Hence, an exhibition and online charity art auction, called Borderless, were put together in order to palliate the needs of the many still suffering from the aftermath of the explosion, especially small businessowners – hairdressers, dressmakers, vegetable merchants.. – who lost their workplaces. While helping the latter find new occupations, another part of the profits of the art auction will go towards paying rent for individuals and families who lost their homes.

A pop-up exhibition took place on November 3rd, gathering more than fifty artists – young and old, amateur and professional – at the iconic venue of Beit Beirut, at the heart of the Lebanese capital city. A hallmark of the Lebanese Civil War, Beit Beirut was transformed into a place for hope and healing, through works spanning oil painting, drawing, charcoal, and other techniques on canvas and paper, showcasing the unfettered creativity of both Lebanese and international talents.

From October 10 to the 13th, rising international art platform ART/LESS, which dedicates itself to facilitating global artistic connections and curating virtual and physical exhibitions, will host a special auction whose profits benefit the victims of the blast.

Six international and diverse painters were selected to be showcased: French-Lebanese Lama Alameh, Syrian Rawan Bou Saada, Spanish-Moroccan Yassine Chouati, Lebanese Rola Dally, as well as Mia Farah, a talented artist with Down Syndrome, and 10-year-old young Lebanese talent Rayan Semmakieh, who chose to depict Beirut, his home city, from above. The Citizenship Ambassadors, alongside the members of the Sawa4Beirut initiative, will ensure that all the profits reach the victims of the blast directly, by contacting them in person and providing them direct help on the ground. Three months after the explosion, there still remains much to be done to help heal the Lebanese capital city, and an initiative such as Borderless, bringing beauty to art lovers while providing much-needed assistance to those in need, is one to be applauded.

Ali Ayache
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