Anna Boch, Painter and Collector in Ostend

La Gazette Drouot
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Anna Boch is one of the few Belgian women artists, philanthropists and patrons of the arts to have achieved international fame on a par with their male counterparts. The Mu.ZEE in Ostend pays her a vibrant tribute. Anna Boch, Chaumière en Flandre (Thatched Cottage in Flanders), 1891, oil on canvas, 75.5 x 107 cm/29.72 x 42.12 in (detail), Lucien Arkas Collection.© Hadiye Cangokce Anna Boch (1848-1936) purchased the only painting Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) sold during his lifetime: The Red Vineyard at Montmajour, for 400 francs at the 1890 Les XX (Les Vingt) exhibition in Brussels. She was also the only woman artist to be admitted to

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