An Unusual Angel by Bernhard Strigel

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An Unusual Angel by Bernhard Strigel1

For a long time an enigmatic master Bernhard Strigel, the best-known representative of a family of artists from Memmingen, can count on his guardian angels to rewrite his history. Bernhard Strigel (1460–1528), Angel in a Yellow Tunic Holding a Censer, oak panel, 48.7 x 61 cm/19.17 x 24.02 in.Estimate: €600,000/800,000 There is almost an air of déjà vu. However, thurifer angels, abundant in stained glass and sculpted decorations since the Middle Ages, are not legion in late Gothic German painting. If Angel Dressed in a Yellow Tunic Holding a Censer may seem familiar, it is because it is the counterpart to the Angel with a Censer mentioned by

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