An elite auction to take place with the collection of model trains by Turner Auctions and Appraisals LCC

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The Turner Auctions and Appraisals LLC is going to organize an outstanding auction comprising of model trains. These models have marvelous detailing that provides them with an enchanting outlook. The auction items include different types of locomotives along with a full set of model trains. The enthusiasts of model trains can get exposed to different classic models of locomotives. The auction on 28th April 2019 features 290 lots along with a wide diversity.

Detailed information about all the items is available on the Bidsquare platform. A list of reliable shipping companies is also mentioned on the website as online bidders can take part in the auction comfortably. Some prominent items of the model trains from the Bill Drake Collection of Model Trains are mentioned below:

MTH Pennsylvania Railroad L-5 Locomotive, O Gauge

The MTH Pennsylvania Railroad with L5 O Gauge locomotive which is the C8 type comes with light track time. With one of the most unusual looking locomotives, this item is available in the upcoming auction with the insert box which has light abrasions. With the highest bid price starting at $100, the estimated value of the item is $150 to $250.

Steam Engine without Tender

The Steam Engine without Tender is made up of metal and wood. The presence of the Lithograph Paper Label Graphics adds the classic touch to the item. A tender is also known as the coal-car. It is an unusual rail motor vehicle pulled by a steam engine containing its fuel and water. Steam locomotives take in a large quantity of water compared to fuel, thus, the tenders are necessary to make them run. However, this model train is one-of-a-kind as it comes without a tender!

The condition of the item is excellent however; one wheel from the pilot truck is missing.

The primary bid price of the item is $80. The estimated price of the item is $150 to $250.

AF S Great Northern Locomotive with 3-Car Passenger Lot

An exclusive collectible, the AF S Great Northern Locomotive is a full set of a model train. The AF or the American Flyer Manufacturing Company was initiated by William Ogden Coleman and William Fredrick Hafner, in 1910. They initially created clockwork model trains which operated on O gauge track. The foremost electric model train which ran on O gauge track was made in 1918 by American Flyer. By 1925, the company started making model trains that operated on wide-gauge track. The company did well and the model trains were quite popular till the Great Depression. These models were very popular during World War II.

The AF S Great Northern Locomotive with 3-Car Passenger Lot consists of a locomotive along with 3 passenger cars. The Alco PA locomotive present in the item comprises of the number 21551. The 24849 Vista Dome and 24853 Observation are also present in the item.

The initial bid price of the item is $10. The expected price range in which this item may be auctioned is $250-$400.

Lionel Standard Gauge Set 350 8/35/36 with Extra 36

The Lionel Standard Gauge Set is a full set maroon model train. This great looking set comes with locomotive and 3 classic looking compartments and was made between 1927 to 1939.  The roof screws for the coaches are absent. The set box is prominently worn out. The components boxes are also present. This model train possesses a classic outlook.

The starting bid price is $10. The estimated price of the item is approximately set at $200 to $300.

AF S Missouri Pacific Passenger Set

The AF S Missouri Pacific Passenger Set comes with the Alco AA locomotives. This durable and amazing C5 set includes Baggage, Coaches, Observation car and Dome car.  The starting bid of the item is $10 and the estimated value is $200 to $300 for the item. The condition of the set is overall good.  

Therefore, these are some model train sets and locomotives that will be auctioned by the house of Turner along with the Appraisals LCC. As a fan of railways, you can get to buy the outstanding model trains to keep in your collection.

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