Alex Cooper’s Exciting Collection of Bronzes, Paintings & Fine Rugs

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On March 19th, 2019, Alex Cooper’s auction on Bidsquare has been home to a collection of various intriguing and exquisite treasures. The Auction House hosted a day’s sale that featured a different range of items presenting fine arts, and an important collection of 19th-century European bronzes and paintings, fine rugs.

It was also accompanied by the works of brilliant artists, such as Brilli Ernesto Biondi, Louis Ammy Blanc, André Gisson, William Etty, Alfred Barye, Ettore Caser, and Pierre Gourdault. The items are guaranteed to attain to the bidder’s desire of acquiring rare and antique artefacts.

Let’s check out some exclusive items that were sold in the auction:

Napoleon III Louis XIV Style Ebonized Cabinet

Lot 106 presents a Napoleon III style XIV Style Ebonized Cabinet which is a highly vintage style of decorative art. The element used in this appealing furniture is of many different historical styles. Napoleon III Louis XIII-style cabinet is crafted with a hard, heavy, durable wood and the second half of the 19th Century. This piece has three compartments with shelves enclosed by hardstone floral decorated panel doors.

Moreover, the lower compartment contains two short drawers in gilt-bronze mounted apron and gilt bronze stringer inlaid straight tapered legs that are connected by ‘X’ stretchers. The estimated price for this cabinet was $5,000-$7,000 and was sold for $5,040

Hildegard Hamilton. “Sun Drenched Street,” Oil

The art piece by Hildegard Hamilton (1898-1970) is one of the beautiful pieces presented in the auction characterized by subtle bright use of colors. Behind every painting, the painter had a wonderful story to unravel which is not very unlikely as she spent most of her adult life traveling and painting landscapes. The painter surrounded her paintings with pictures of beautiful places.

She stole the essence of the street corners and alleys and smearing it over her canvas. She often chose to capture the aesthetics of the place rather than the people. Her fondness of painting landscapes is what can be seen in most of his paintings. The estimated price for the painting was $2300-$500. The painting was sold for $189.

Alfred Dubucand. “La Retour…” Bronze

The following sculpture “La Retour de la Chasse,” was created by a French artisan, Alfred Dubucand (1828-1894). He was a splendid sculptor who mainly sculpted models in bronze during his lifetime. He drove his inspiration in order to make the subject seem lively. He was an artist who showed much of his enthusiasm in the realistic portrayal of animals.

He has the skill to capture the moment of their subjects. The estimated price for this rare beauty was $2,000-$2,500. It was sold at $2,268.

Pair of Zsolnay Art Nouveau Chargers

This beautiful look-alike pair of Zsolnay Art Nouveau chargers are perfect examples of decorated design. They have an eye-catching decoration at the rim that looks like a floral pattern. The light background in the center showcases a contrast effect to the overall piece.

It gives away an intricate sense of Art Nouveau element. The estimated price for this pair was $2,000-$3,000 and was sold for $2,835.

Charles W. Oswald. “Highland Bulls,” Oil on Canvas

The sale also includes the artwork of a British painter, Charles W. Oswald who was celebrated for his exquisite oil paintings. He has given a good amount of depth in his painting—from hills to the animals. He mostly dedicated his time and effort into art and his career took off at 1890 and 1900.

The painting “Highland Bulls,” depicts a country rural scenario. It is beautifully painted and the beige frame adds color to the painting. The painting was estimated to be $400-$600. It was sold for the value of $504.

Adel Sansur. “At the Beach,” Oil on Canvas

The auction also has original artwork called “At the Beach“, featuring a painter born in Jerusalem in 1945, Adel Sansur whose work has been admired through the years. Adel Sansur is a sought-after artist who worked in the realm of predominantly impressionist and expressionist. He has characterized his artworks as experimentation with dimensions of colors and brush strokes.

He is a self-taught artist who has a unique style and techniques. He has been painting beach scenes since his teens. The estimated price for the painting is $1,000-$1,500 and was sold for $756.These are just a few magnificent items in the collection. If you would like to look further into the auction results, you can visit Alex Cooper’s auction on Bidsquare.

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