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Anyone who witnessed Alex Cooper’s sale that was held on 15 Dec 2018, must’ve had a beautiful experience with the fascinating collection. It features items of finest-quality including a large collection of modern & contemporary art of inspiring artists who have an exceptional record such as Prendergast, Picasso, Warhol, and Dali.

This special auction began at 8:45 pm (Eastern Time) showcasing many other pieces such as oriental rugs and historic collection of Russian art from the Joseph Tydings Estate along with decorative arts including Chinese export and continental porcelain, bronzes, glassware, period. This sale captivated the attention of people with a varied range of interests on Bidsquare.

Boris Kustodiev. Russian Cossak, watercolor

The following painting is one of the exquisite piece created by Boris Kustodiev. Kustodiev was a well-recognized artist of his time and his paintings were highly in demand.  Kustodiev started painting at a very young age where his interest leaped from portraits to Russian characters and images. Splatters of the colors he used were built around the theme: scenes of merchant life and folklife. He admired Russian culture. The vibrant culture of Russia was the source of inspiration for his artworks. Sadly, late in his days, he began to suffer tumor in his spinal cord and so his life was incarcerated to a wheelchair. But for someone who is consumed by his love for art, it didn’t stop him from doing what he had his heart on. Boris Kustodiev continued to create artworks that are considered as highly inspirational paintings to this day.

The Lot 902 was estimated to be bid for $35,000-$55,000 but was sold for $23,940.

Maurice Prendergast. “Sunday in the Park”, oil

Additionally, the auction presented the work of Maurice Prendergast whose artworks were an epitome of Abstract Expressionism. He mostly enjoyed painting people at parks and caught the essence of life in a very elegant manner. The painting titled, “Sunday in the Park” demonstrates the artist’s ability to capture the soul of the moment without specifying detailed work. The trees are painted in varied shades of green. In order to obtain the viewer’s attention on the characters in the painting, the ground has a washed out color. He has lightly touched the characters with more vibrant colors to imitate the lively spirit of the setting.

The artwork expresses the scene in monochromatic tones and shades and was sold for $28,350.

Julius Von Klever. Winter Landscape, oil

Lot 900 is a magnificent landscape by Julius Sergius von Klever. Klever was a Russian landscape painter who showed love for art since he was very little. He has several endearing paintings that made him known in the world of art. This magnificent painting depicts a scenario of a cold winter’s dusk when the trees do not bear any leaves and the land is completely covered in white snow. The painting was sold at $25,200.

This painting belonged to the collection of the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Joseph E. Davies and his wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Attrb. to Ilya Repin. “Zaporozhtsy Reply…” oil

The painting by Ilya Yefimovich Repin reveals a beautiful and hilarious story of the era, 1676. The painting is based on the history of Cossacks. Legends have it that the ‘Sultan of the Ottoman Empire’ commanded the Cossacks to surrender without resistance. The Cossacks wrote back to the sultan with a letter bursting with the majesty’s parody, insults, and mockery.

This enticing piece of art unveils the artist’s fondness of painting events. Ilya Yefimovich Repin is a Russian painter of the 19th century with an exceptional record. He has taken each and every detail into account in the painting starting with Cossack’s armor to every one of their unmistakable emotions. The painting depicts that they all surround one man holding the quilt cracking one joke after another for him to jot it down the paper and was sold for $13,860.  Every pose and expression in the work adds up to the humorous story.

Arkadii Soloviev, “Reconnaissance Party,” oil

The Russian artist, Arkadii Soloviev, has created a beautiful art called “Reconnaissance Party”, depicting an army wearing white to camouflage its surroundings pacing towards the danger and possibility of an end. The artist’s brush strokes on the snow are commendable. The lot was estimated at $15,000-$20,000 but sold for $13,860.

Sam Gilliam. ” Hidden Yellow,” mixed media

The Alex Cooper auction was proud to present art by Sam Gilliam titled ‘Hidden Yellow’. It is almost like Sam Gilliam’s work is everywhere lately. The painting represents a true form of abstract art. Sam is well known as an artist whose career in artworks highlights his accomplishment as an expressionist. Sam Gilliam is an African-American artist who made abstract arts ‘cool’ at the time where these genre of arts were not really appreciated. The 84-year-old artist went through racial discrimination to accomplish the success in the field of art. This is why he is one of the most inspiring artists in this auction.

This painting is originated from the idea of stained fabric. He claims that his work has the ability to pivot the attention to politics. His artworks are repetitive experimentation of folding and draping canvases. It is indeed one of the finest items in the auction expressed through vibrant and intense colors. His paintings are pure and very rare to come across and this rare piece was sold for $13,860.

These items are exquisite and unique pieces to come across. The above mentioned items are just a tiny representation of the length of prosperity each item carries. As there were various valuable items in the collection, it is safe to say that the auction was a grand success!

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