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We are thrilled to bring you the collection of Clarke Auction which consists of beautiful fine arts, decorative arts, Asian works of art and collectibles. Clarke Auction has been delivering a smooth operation with the keen bidders since 1998. The auction is going to take place for a single day on 13th May, 2019. Fine arts are the main feature in this auction on Bidsquare.

From expressionist artwork to sculptures, the items in the sale are so impressive that we are sure it will multiply value to your collection. You could choose from a vast array of precious art pieces that includes various range of style.

Dorothy Dehner, (American 1901 – 1994) Signed

Abstract art has faced a quite pivotal turn since 1900s. The style of art which was considered as unfashionable is now dominant in the art world. One of the celebrated works in expressionism includes the contribution of Dorothy Dehner. The sculptor spent a long time experimenting with bronze sculptures. She claims that art is a high, a thrill and better than any type of alcohol. The artist transports her emotional gestures into a form of abstract expressionism.

The plaster abstract sculpture called Signed has an original patina. It is dated and signed on the base. This beautiful item comes in a good condition from the estate of a Bronx collector . The dimensions for the product are 9″ x 13″.

The engaging minimalist sculpture is estimated to be sold for $50-$1,000. The starting bidding price for the same is $25.

FREDERIC KAROLY. Oil on Canvas Abstract.

Frederic Karoly is an inventive painter whose abstract oil paintings are well known among the art lovers. He has held many solo exhibition of his abstract photography, oil paintings as well as dry-pen drawings. Later in his life, he emerged as an incredible painter whose passion inclined more towards modernism. His work in the field of abstract is truly magnificent.

In this painting which dates back to August 1972, Frederic Karoly used the blend of different colors that work out with each other just enough to create a masterpiece. It is one of the items with the highest number of bids so far.

His work is estimated to be sold for $50-$1,000. The starting bidding price for the painting is $25.

MORRIS KATZ. Large Oil on Canvas Lake Scene.

There are many great artists who have spent their lives creating one single piece of triumph. For instance; Leonardo Da Vinci took over a year when he finished the painting of Mona Lisa. On the other hand, there are artists like Morris Katz who take a little over 2 minute to dance around with the brushes and complete a painting. If you follow the Guinness Book of World Record, one of those pages contains the name of Morris Katz with the description of being the fastest artist in this planet.

This man is full of surprises! He uses toilet papers as his painting equipment. You might want to take a good look at this painting above and try not to be shocked because we’re about to tell you that this enthralling view of a quite lake is also made under a matter of minutes! This gorgeous scene is signed and dated, “Morris Katz 1987”. It comes from a Bronx, NY collection in good condition.

The painting has the estimated price of $50-$1000 with the starting bid at $25.

Salvador Dali. Framed Etching.

The following art is created by one of the most monumental figures in the art history, Salvador Dali. He has a distinctive style of working with the pen. He claims that most of his scribbles are inspired by his imagination and dreams.

Dali, the painter with a curved moustache is famous for his contributions and artworks. The art enthusiasts admire his skills even after years and years. The painting, Framed Etching is framed and signed by Salvador Dali and is from a Bronx collectors estate. The dimensions are 12.5″ x 9.5″ respectively. Though the condition is good, the painting has not been examined out of the glass.

The estimated price is $50-$1000 and the starting bid price is $25.

Diego Rivera. Signed and Dated Watercolor

We are looking at a painting on paper constructed by Diego Rivera. It depicts a scene with a woman and her child. Diego Rivera was a world famous artist who brought back the tradition of wall painting. He is a gifted artist who draws human figures with outlines rather than by precision. The roughly simplified figures are in shallow spaces and are enhanced with the use of beige, light colors. The painting, Lot 123 is on paper and the left corner is signed by Diego Rivera. The painting comes from a Bronx Collectors estate and the dimensions are 8.5″ x 5.75″.

The starting bid price for the painting is $25 and the estimated price is $50-$1000.

It is safe to say that Clarke Auction’s sale on 13th May, 2019 is going to be extraordinary and quite interesting considering the variety in paintings of valued artists. Don’t miss this opportunity! Go visit Clarke Auction to acquire a piece from the finest collection.

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