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    American Folk Art, Including Carved Decoys and Fine Art, Available at New Haven Auctions

    American folk art celebrates the work of the self-taught. These painters, sculptors, and textile workers created a rich tradition that exists beyond the art world’s defined edges. Their lack of formal training often yielded creative concepts and new perspectives. Living in a patchwork country, American folk artists also often engaged…

    Cedar waxwing sculpture by Frank Finney
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    Around the Auction World: January 2022

    The first month of a new year presents ample time for reflection. As January pressed on, many auction houses looked back on a fruitful year of sales in 2021. Others teased previews of upcoming events, promising more eye-catching works and fresh-to-the-market finds. Auction Daily looked in both directions this month.…

    Around the Auction World January 2022-2
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    Artist to Know: Ammi Phillips

    Christie’s to Offer Major Portrait by American Itinerant Folk Painter Ammi Phillips, Lady in a Gold-Colored Dress, c. 1835 - 1840. Image courtesy of the American Folk Art Museum. Widely known as an itinerant portrait painter, 19th-century American folk artist Ammi Phillips built a career on formulaic artworks. He traveled…

    Artist to Know Ammi Phillips1