‘We Each Bring to the Table What the Other Is Lacking’: Photographers Alana Celii and Daniel Dorsa on Their Classic New York Love Story

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Alana Celii and Daniel Dorsa on the eve of their engagement. Courtesy of Alana Celii.

In Artnet News's Portraits of Love series, young creative couples offer insights into their partnerships. Alana Celii and Daniel Dorsa. Courtesy of Erik Tanner. New York City is a global metropolis, but sometimes it can feel like a small town—and the love that formed between young photographers Alana Celii and Daniel Dorsa is one of those city stories that perfectly illustrates the dichotomy. She, a New York Times photo editor, and he, a Florida-born photographer carving his own path, met by chance only to discover a shared world of common friends and interests (Erik Tanner, the primary photographer for this article, was

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