UK’s Invisible Flock Announces New Residencies to Support Less Privileged Artists

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We believe that art today must have a positive impact on society and the world we live in and as artists we have a responsibility to open up collective thinking and to build space for critical inquiry – Invisible Flock

The interactive arts studio Invisible Flock has announced an open call for two artist residencies, to encourage innovation in art, design and technology, at their new studios in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.

Interactive art studio Invisible Flock
Invisible Flock via Twitter

The residencies are part of Invisible Flock’s The Cost of Innovation project, which aims to reduce socio-economic barriers to innovation by creating a greater number of access points to cutting edge equipment for individuals who have had limited access or visibility within the art/tech sector.

Invisible Flock has an open call for two artist residencies (one UK resident, one from Finland) at their new studios in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.

As a result of Invisible Flock’s extensive work in the the Arctic Regions of Lapland, the residency opportunities exist for one UK-based artist and another from Finland. For UK applicants Invisible Flock are particularly interested in hearing from artists from the North of England.

Invisible Flock, a charity supported by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio
Organisation, have designed and developed their own custom built LiDAR scanners, which have formed the basis of several of their most recent installations, including The Sleeping Tree, an immersive rainforest installation, which will premiere at Brighton Festival in May 2020.

LiDAR scanning is a laser technology that generates 3D imagery with millimetre accuracy. Most commonly used to make high resolution maps, it has multiple functions in geological and seismic contexts, it is also used in architectural projects, such as the rebuild of Notre Dame Cathedral and also in autonomous cars. 

LiDAR scanners and point clouds are an emerging technology within contemporary and digital art and this residency gives access to a broad range of equipment to capture, create, manipulate and display whatever the resident artists decide to investigate with this technology. Invisible Flock are keen to support artists who are looking to explore this medium in new and interesting ways.

Invisible Flock’s “Sleeping Tree,” an immersive, three- dimensional, audio- visual recreation of a Sumatran rainforest, will debut at the Brighton Festival in May 2020.

The residencies run throughout August at the new studios at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, allowing artists to access the 500 acre park consisting of woodlands and lakes, creating the option of making outdoor works and using the landscape and ecologies present in the park as inspiration.

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