Twelve Artists Collaborate for Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Art Fair

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Terry Evans-
Terry Evans-

Thomas William Furniture Hosts Virtual Art Fair

OCONOMOWOC, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, — Thomas William Furniture hosted a Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Art Fair. Twelve professional artists representing nine artistic mediums, located in eight states spread across the U.S., invited you into their studios, workshops and woodshops. They hoped to spark your interest not only in the diversity of their creative endeavors, but in the interesting and personal ways in which the creation of their art weaves throughout their day-to-day lives.

Luke Proctor-
Luke Proctor-

The variation in artists included a ceramicist, blacksmith, fiber artist, photographer, wood artist, mixed media artist, print maker, furniture maker and painter. Their studios ranged from rooms and garages in their homes to a historic church, pole barn, and converted factory space. They were joined in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, California, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico and Colorado by professional news producer and anchor, Ned Wicker. The interviews were singular and in-depth, always maintaining a level of interest and intrigue. “What an insane amount of work. It was great to see the final production and it was all amazing,” said Steve Uren, wood artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jeff Dallas-
Jeff Dallas-

The process of getting a group of artists to step forward and reveal themselves in their personal spaces of creativity was the complete antithesis of how these particular artists are used to representing and selling their work. They are typically traversing the US at this time of year as participants in outdoor Fine Art Festivals. They come to meet and establish a relationship with you, their customer. They thrive on meeting and talking with you, answering your questions, and talking about the inspiration behind their creative art. They appreciated this opportunity to reconnect with you.

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