The Ultimate Selfies? National Portrait Gallery ‘Eye to I’ Traveling Exhibition Premieres March 24

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Self-Portrait with Rita, by Thomas Hart Benton. Oil on canvas (c. 1924). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

The term self-conscious takes on a whole new meaning in today’s social media era. At a time when millions of selfies are posted every day and identity is proving to be more fluid, this exhibition from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery shines a new light on self-portraiture and representation.  The show was created to commemorate the National Portrait Gallery’s 50th anniversary, celebrating the artists who make the NPG Collection so extraordinary.  The term self-conscious takes on a whole new meaning in today’s social media era . . . Immerse yourself in the ultimate collection of selfies by America’s leading artists: from 1901 through 2015

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