‘The Short Story of Women Artists’ Debuts This Fall

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“Women have been creating art since antiquity, but for much of that time, they have been excluded, ignored and generally expunged from art history.” – Susie Hodge, from The Short Story of Women Artists

The Short Story of Women Artists by Susie Hodge. On Sale: September 22 | ISBN 9781786276551 | $19.99
The Short Story of Women Artists by Susie Hodge. On Sale: September 22 | ISBN 9781786276551 | $19.99

Käthe Kollwitz, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Élisabeth Sonrel, Lee Krasner, Natalia Goncharova, Sophie Calle.

It takes little effort for most people to list of famous male artists, even by those who do not practice or study art themselves. But what if when you ask people to name women artists over the centuries? Most might not know a single name listed above. 

The Short Story of Women Artists:A Pocket Guide to Key Breakthroughs, Movements, Works and Themes(On Sale Sept. 22) by Susie Hodge tells the full history – from the breakthroughs that women have made in pushing for parity with male artists, to the important contributions made to otherwise male dominated artistic movements, and the forgotten and obscured artists who are now being rediscovered and reassessed.

Combining Hodge’s knowledge and expertise with an accessible and engaging format,The Short Story of Women Artists is a perfect introduction to the hidden history of women in art.

The Short Story of Women Artists is a pocket guide to key breakthroughs, movements, works and themes of some of the most important women artists in history. Concise and richly illustrated, it reveals the connections between different periods, artists and styles, giving readers a thorough understanding and broad enjoyment of the full achievements that female artists have made.

Other titles in the series include: The Short Story of ArtThe Short Story of Modern ArtThe Short Story of FilmThe Short Story of ArchitectureThe Short Story of Photography.

Susie Hodge is an art historian, historian and artist. She is the bestselling author of numerous books, among them The Short Story of Art and The Short Story of Modern Art.

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