The New Art Dealers Alliance Announces Fundraising Partnership With Kinkade Family Foundation

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Thomas Kinkade, Untitled (Toilet Paper), c.1978, Oil on canvas. 8 x 10 in. (20 x 25 cm.)

NEW YORK, NY.- The New Art Dealers Alliance, the definitive non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in contemporary art, partnered with The Kinkade Family Foundation to release prints based on a never-before-seen artwork by American painter Thomas Kinkade in support of NADA’s Members and art galleries nationally. For a limited time, 100% of the net proceeds of the sale of “Untitled (Toilet Paper)” will be donated to NADA’s fund to support those galleries most impacted by COVID-19. NADA’s application and guidelines will be released in the coming weeks.

“The safety and security of our community is our top priority during this unprecedented period, and we are grateful to be partnering with The Kinkade Family Foundation to support some of those who have been hit hardest during this crisis,” said NADA Executive Director Heather Hubbs. “We hope that the funds raised from this edition will alleviate the strain on the art spaces we all hold dear.”

Locked away from public view for decades and stored in Thomas Kinkade’s hidden vault, this painting represents one of the most symbolic items of the COVID-19 crisis: the toilet paper roll. Both NADA and The Kinkade Family Foundation understand the vital importance of supporting galleries and artists, and acknowledge the significant financial toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the arts community. Thomas Kinkade once said, “With whatever talent and resources I have, I’m trying to bring light to penetrate the darkness many people feel.” Influenced by his upbringing in poverty, he gave millions over his lifetime to disaster relief and other charitable organizations, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and World Vision. The Foundation most recently initiated a grant program for curators affected by COVID-19, geared toward both independent and museum curators working in contemporary art.

“We are grateful for NADA’s generosity towards the emerging galleries and artists who are the heartbeat of the art world and who are facing economic challenges during this unprecedented period,” said The Kinkade Family Foundation, which is run by Nanette Kinkade and her four daughters. “This is what our father would have wanted, and through this, we hope to shed a positive light during this time of uncertainty.”

Coinciding with the anniversary of Thomas Kinkade’s passing, the following editions of “Untitled (Toilet Paper)” are available for purchase on and

• A limited edition of 100, 8 x 10 in. printed on stretched canvas and hand highlighted (by Winsor Kinkade), framed, numbered and signed. With packing and shipping. $750.00. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

• An open edition print, 8 x 10 in. printed on stretched canvas. With packing and shipping. $150.00. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

• An open edition 8 x 10 in. – 100 piece puzzle. With packing and shipping. $45.00.

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